Year: 1988
Rated: R
Run Time: 86 minutes
Production Company: York Image Productions
Director: Gary Winick
Starring: Kyle Richards, William Wellman Jr., John Putch, Burt Remsen
T & A: Uhhh... Hell Yes?
Boot To The: Midsection

"In By Ten. Dead By Twelve."

Sleazy white gutter trash. They were the result of backwoods inbreeding. One of pa's little tadpoles swam too far into foreign territory and the eventual outcome was two crusty nuggets shit out of Satan's asshole. Those two pieces of sewage were none other than Ray Don Perkins and his dumber than dirt brother Bobby Joe, the horror genre's most retardedly insane psychotic brother duo. They're the stuff trailer parks are made of.

CURFEW goes back to the bygone days of the women-in-jeopardy and family-in-jeopardy films of the 70's. These films combined both exploitation and horror to create a usually disturbing and violent atmosphere as a lone woman or entire family are terrorized in graphic ways by a couple of sick fucks. Films in this sub genre include SHE CAME ON THE BUS (1969), LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1972), HOUSE BY THE LAKE (1976), FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE (1977), I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1979), AND HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK (1981) among others. CURFEW falls into the same category as these films but also has slasher movie overtones as a small teenage body count piles up in the second half. Whatever way you look at it the bottom line is CURFEW is sleazy horror with all the happiness of an anal probe.

The plot is basically about as simple as shit for brains Bobby Joe Perkins, the king of simpletons worldwide. He wouldn't be a bad poster child for crack abuse during pregnancy either. Anyway, Ray Don and Bobby Joe Perkins are serving hard time at a maximum security prison for committing mass murder when they decide to shorten their sentences and break out (obviously this was one of the top maximum security prisons in the country). It seems that the Perkins brothers are fuckin' pissed bigtime at the bastards that they say wrongfully threw them in the slammer. These good ol' boys ain't gonna take it anymore! So, they put their heads together and decide that the best way to prove their innocence go on a killing spree!!!!!!!!! What did you expect with a combined IQ of 46?

So, the first half of this toe jam masterpiece has Ray Don and Bobby Joe going around stabbing, bludgeoning, beheading, and shooting the sons of bitches responsible for putting these two outstanding citizens away. All of this carnage and mayhem is eventually headed straight for the home of the district attorney. Meanwhile the D.A. and his wife are getting ready for a night out on the town, as is their daughter Stephanie Davenport who has a ten o' clock curfew. Jump ahead to the good shit and we have those two lovable lunatics Ray Don and Bobby Joe arriving at the Davenport home just in time to shit on the D.A. and his wife's dinner reservations. Now it's time for the Perkins boys to inflict a little good old family torture. Of course the fun couldn't continue without Stephanie who, after boozing it up with her friends, gets brought home by the boys in blue. Now Ray Don and Bobby Joe have the entire Davenport clan under one roof. It's a Kodak moment! The remainder of the film is one big ball of torture, humiliation, and violence climaxing in a gruesome conclusion. And for some added entertainment value Stephanie's friends show up just in time to get slaughtered. Fun Sunday viewing for everyone! Will the Davenports survive the wrath of these two wild and crazy guys?

Well, I won't give away the ending for those who think they can actually sit through this trashy viewing experience, let alone find a copy of it. Hey, I not only sat through this twice but I also bought my own personal copy. AND I'M DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!!! Low in gory blood and guts but high in torture and gruesome situations, this one is for freaks and weirdos everywhere!


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GORELORD: "You won't find a copy of this in the video section of your local public library anytime soon."