Good Burger
Year: 1997
Rated: PG
Run Time: 95 minutes
Production Company: Nickelodeon Films / Paramount
Director: Brian
Starring: Kenan, Kel, Sinbad, Shaq
T & A: No mam
Rock and Roll : McDonald's

"Would You Like A Good Shake?"

Hey now! I hope that you have packed your suitcase, because Good Burger is a trip.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Call the police, because there is a laugh riot in progress. It is called Good Burger, but it should be called GOOD TIME because that's what we all had. It made me hungry. Hungry for burger. Like there was a party in my mouth and Good Burger was invited. Mmmm Mmmm!

Good Burger is from Nickelodeon. The same place we get Double Dare and GAK. GAK is fun but don't eat it.

Good Burger is about Kenan and Kel. They work at Good Burger. Good Burger is a fun time place to rock. It is like McDonald's except that it doesn't have Ronald or talking nuggets. They have all kinds of adventures. Like the time they broke the shake machine... or when Kel slipped on a bun... or when Shaq choked on a fry and made that grunt. But here they make some special sauce that is a big hit! Some bad guys wanted to steal the sauce that Kenan made, but in the end they all get hit with food. They fall down. OH MAN, WHAT A SHOW!

This one is a party-time movie. Why? Because it is like a big party. Most movies have one or two stars. Good Burger has so many stars it is like cosmic. I saw Sinbad. I saw Shaq. I saw Kel slip on a bun. I even saw Goldberg. But that was at Shoney's- not Good Burger. He signed my bear bib. I got a little scared. He is a superstar. NOW GET TOUGH!

My favorite part of Good Burger was the whole movie. Once it started, it did not stop until the end. There were laughs EVERYWHERE- and the time was good... Good BURGER, that is!


Our Rating System

BUDDY: "When Good Burger is on the menu: it is time to rock!"

HARRY: "911 Emergency! Kenan and Kel just stole the show! They are two stars who belong in space. They are power in the house!"