Beyond this point lies the slippery barnyard horror known as the NOTC INTERNET SLAVE PIT. It's a place where you, the slaves of the NOTC Empire, can post your own full-length reviews of your favorite (or least favorite) horror movies. Of course, the telekinetic vaginal raiders that comprise the NOTC STRIKE FORCE would never lower themselves to enter the piss-stained confines of the SLAVE PIT... let alone read any of the fucking abominations contained within. We pretty much leave the slaves to themselves when they're not building colossal phallic ziggurats in our honor or slurping the rancid birthmeat from the treads of our combat boots with their cyst-studded mutant tongues- and this is what they came up with. Let this serve as a warning: those who stray beyond this portal are pretty fucking desperate for entertainment and therefore deserve whatever they get.

Dare You Enter The Pit?

Hell Yes I Dare. As A Matter of Fact, I DOUBLE DARE.

I Wet Myself. Can I Go Now?

Yo Jack, Fuck This Noise. I Want Some Porno.