Slime City
Year: 1989
Rated: "Too Violent To Rate" My Ass!!
Run Time: 90 minutes
Production Company: Camp Motion Pictures
Director: Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares?
Starring: Robert Sabin, Mary Hunter, Jane Reibel
T & A: Titty Tease, whole movie
Bass: Masters

"A Horror Film With Guts!"

Well, Helllllfuck, was this a case of don't judge a book by its cover. They totally reeled me in, thew me up over my coffee table, and ass fucked me all the time knowing that Megadeth was going to go industrial! They wrote "1989 Full Length Theatrical Release" over the title and put the comments "Repulsive, Jarring, an epic gore saga" on the box. They knew I was weak.

So, I put the tape in, not before I finally got past Jigsaw on "The Punisher", and watched the epic shitsaga. To my surprise, THE GOD DAMNED THING WAS SHOT ON HOME VIDEO!! YES, HOME VIDEO. A GROUP OF PEOPLE WENT OUT AND BOUGHT A CAMERA AND MADE A MOVIE. HOW THE FUCK DID THIS GET IN MY VIDEO STORE?!?! "Full Length Theatrical Release" my dooper-hole. This movie was beyond shit, it was probably the worst movie spawned from Hell I have ever seen.

A cult leader/alchemist/occult writer named Zachary once took place in a mass suicide in an apartment building basement. He managed to crank out some addictive green pudding and wine and distributed it to his followers. It turned them into violent slime monsters who usually fucked somebody up pretty bad afterwards. Zachary's plan was to re-incarnate himself and his followers into the bodies of future tenants by having his daughter feed them the pudding. The plot of this movie gave me a feeling similar to that when i bought "Basket Case" on DVD.

Alex is to be the final host, the host of Zachary himself. The poet downstairs (who actually sports a devilock, alright) is the one who feeds him the goo. The whore next door seduces him (she fucks him without removing any clothing. NOT ONE PIECE!). They are all hosts of the cult and will soon get Alex to be their leader.

This movie was so fucking horrible, I can't begin to explain. And since it looked like a home video, it may not be available to you guys all over the good ol' US of A. fuck it, i'm outta here.


Our Rating System

CTA: "This movie had no gore, no sex and no violence, hence who cares?"

Flip the Kangaroo: "Slime City is to __________ as your sister is to easy. If you said shitty, then you win the prize!"