Year: 1977
Rated: R
Run Time: 97 minutes
Production Company: Seda Spettacoli
Director: Dario Argento (Deep Red, Tenebrae, Trauma, Phenomena, to name a few)
Starring: Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Alida Valli, Joan Bennet, Udo Keir, Flavio Bucci, Miguel Bose, Rudolf Schundler
T & A: Uhhh... Hell No?
Slap Back: White Shark Attack!

"The Only More Terrifying Than The Last 10 Minutes of the Film Are THE FIRST 90!"

As I sat back in my lazy boy with VCR clicker in hand, I found myself in shock and amazement at the mind fucking experience that had just kicked me square in the brain stem. My dreamlike trance was not a result of LSD, magic mushrooms, or ecstasy, but rather a full dose of SUSPIRIA.

Not many horror films that I've witnessed in my lifetime have had the ability to truly terrify and at times cause me to tremble from head to balls to toes as Suspiria did. This outstanding piece of Italian shock cinema maintains an incredibly tense and eerie atmosphere throughout it's running time.

In 1976 the European horror scene was about as appealing to some people as waking up from a deep sleep and seeing my aunt Barb hovering over me in the nude. Yikes! Mind you I could film her and title it "Invasion of the Saggy Titted Aunt" in hopes that a direct-to-video distribution company might pick it up. Anyway, the Euro-horror directors weren't cranking out anything too special at the time; that is until Dario Argento came along and turned all their assholes into manholes as he blew right through them with SUSPIRIA.

The plot is pretty simple: Suzy Banyon, an American dance student is accepted to attend a prominent ballet academy in Germany and arrives just as the murders of two young girls, one of whom was a former student at the academy, are being investigated. Soon after a series of bizarre incidents (and I mean God damn full tilt fucking bizarre!) Suzy begins to listen to the ramblings of her friend and fellow student Sarah. Sarah seems to think that the instructors of the academy are involved in witchcraft but before she can prove it she turns up dead in a gruesome fashion. Now it's up to Suzy to discover whether the suspicions of her friend were true. The climax of this movie builds to a genuinely scary pace that is unforgettable.

The plot is thin but it's not the story that makes this a cult hit. It's the way Argento blends a loud and bone chilling musical score by GOBLIN, with hallucinogenic colours of which many of the scenes were shot in trippy blues, reds, and greens, and imaginatively gory killings. Maggot infestations, death by razor wire, the up close penetration of a beating heart, weird voices in the night, sadistic ballet instructors, some very fuckable babes, and one of the scariest atmosphere's in the history of horror, this one has it all.

Try and find the unrated version for the most gore. This is an amazing movie. Track it down, see it, buy it, live it. The crappy mainstream dog shit that we are accustomed to nowadays will never come close to the style and intelligence of SUSPIRIA.


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GORELORD: "I think I had an out of body experience while watching this movie. It was like I dreamt the whole thing. It was downright trippy man. You dig?"