The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Year: 1986
Rated: R
Run Time: 1 hour and 38 minutes (aka 68 minutes) [[[HAHAHAHAHAHAHA]]]
Production Company: MGM / Canon
Director: Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eaten Alive, Enema of the State
Starring: Dancin' Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Bill Johnson as "Leatherface", Predator 2 as "Pussyface"
T & A: Nashmoo
Leonard: 6

"See What All The Buzz Is About"

I can honestly say with all my thick black liquid filled heart, that I prefer watching this movie to the original grand fucked up whoo-haa whoop ass king of all horror movies The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This one has so much more to offer the incestuous little fiends, known, asshole.

We start with 2 drunken pricks with guns wreaking havoc on a back Texas road (what a fucking setup). They get on their car phone (and their richies too, thank god they get fucked up with a chainsaw...but maybe I've said too much) making requests to a local disc jockey when they, being the drunken pricks they are, decide to play chicken with an opposing truck. Well, lo and behold the truck comes back with, you guessed it, LEATHAFACE!!

Stretch (wonder why they call her stretch?) the disc jockey heard the entire grisly deaths over the drunken pricks car phone and taped it. She tracked down Lefty (wonder why they call him Lefty?), a Texas ranger hell bent on finding the Sawyer clan ever since they royally fucked up his brethren, Franklin (wonder why they call him Franklin?) and Sally Hardesty.

Together Stretch and Lefty hatch a plot to play the murder evidence over the radio, forcing the killers to come out of hiding. Little do the brood know that Dennis F'n Hopper is armed to the teeth with flesh tearin' cannibal rippin' sawz and loves the smell of barbecued hillbilly in the morning.

This movie is packed with gore, violence, no tit but its truly made up for with the horror comedy throughout it. This one is a mother fucker of a horror movie.


Our Rating System

CTA: "This movie has almost everything. Watch for the 'chainsaw-fingering' and the 'saw to an old man's asshole' scenes. This is a movie that's up to my caliber."

Flur: "This is what's missing from movies today. This flick is awesome. I love how Leather kept taking swings at Dennis Hopper with a chainsaw through his gullet. Two phalluses up!"

The 150 Pound Caped Cadaver: "Oh man, there are some scenes in this movie that makes you wonder if its 'worse' than the original."