That Darn Cat!
Year: 1996
Rated: PG
Run Time: 89 minutes
Production Company: Buena Vista
Director: Bob Spiers
Starring: That Darn Cat, Doug E. Doug, Christina Ricci, Richie Ricci
T & A: Negative
May I : Take Your Order?

"That Darn Good!"

Hey there buster. Do you like... ACTION? Do you like... ADVENTURE? Do you like... CAT? Well, if the answer is no: then I suggest you go to town and trade that dollar in for some sense. But if the answer is yes with a capital "Sir" - then I guess you should come on over and watch THAT DARN CAT! It is fun. It is a laugh-riot. If you eat before you watch: you're gonna have a fit! And if you don't eat before you watch: you'll get hungry.

And I DO mean hungry. This movie is long. It is also good. It is also a laugh-riot. I would say that it is the bomb but it does not blow up at the end.

Now people want to know what it is all about- so I will say now. That darn cat is about a cat. A darn cat. A darn cat that does stuff for fun. Like wear silly glasses. Or skateboard up a ramp. Or solve crimes. I mean HOW CRAZY CAN YOU GET?

Anyway, this (or that) darn cat gets into a jam that it can not get out of. It solves a riddle. Gets chased by a man. Gets chased by a dog. And gets chased by a dogman on a skateboard. At the end it solves the riddle again, and we all laughed.

The star of the movie is named That Darn Cat. The other star of the movie is named Doug. E. Doug. He is the one on the box without the glasses. CAN YOU IMAGINE? What a star.

Another part I liked is when that cat rode the skateboard. Faster, cat! Faster!


Our Rating System

BUDDY: "Who is a star? You is a star! If you rent THAT DARN CAT, that is!"

HARRY: "I like ACTION. I like ADVENTURE. I like CAT, too. THAT DARN CAT- you are a hero. Get tough, superstar!"