Here at Night of The Creeps, we've been lucky enough to be recognized by others for our creations and titty twisting ideas. These people have now justified our fame by giving us these great awards!!!! Read all about it below!!! Oh yeah, in case your wondering, I'm PIMP-BOT, The Ninth Wonder of the World!! So before you check out all these PHAT awards, let me give a shout out to all my HOs down in Central Park and on 5th Avenue!! Them damn bitches gave me this fucking patch!!

Why 5? Cause 10 would make The Man nervous. Collin Powell- come and join me!

Remember kids: It's not rape if it's dead! Upon receiving this coveted award, NOTC mascot Poochie-Poochie Pussy Pup, gave birth to a chimpanzee with a rubber dick. Congratulations to a proud mama!

Here's an award that we got for gluing glitter & macaroni to a plate.

Here at NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, we're all suckers for oily vaginal discharge... so imagine our surprise when we received an award that has five droplets of that shit dancing for our amusement! It reminded us of GRANMAMA MOK's rumpled panties after that hayride last harvest... and how we all got a little taste of Heaven that fateful October night.

Our friends are knockin' down our door! To play with our Commodore 64? Well... that too- but primarily to play with our balls. Just be careful, yo: these balls have bite. Slither. Slop. Balls on top.

My bad! Are we the ultimate? Have we been voted THE most electrifying website in sports entertainment? Well, we got three words for ya: HA DO KEN!

After a few days in our Torture Camp of Love Witches, Sister Rossetta finally came to her senses. We are now endorsed by GOD, so back the fuck up heathen bitches!

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS was awarded this prize thanks in part to our many cheese-like abilities, including: phantasmal force, tenser's floating disc, and magic missile. We also have an Armor Class of -5. Oh, and OOKLA said his dick has a THACO of 12.

Proof positive that hard work, great design, and a 10 pound hammer strike ot the face can result in some great awards. Nevermind what the presenter said in his police report, the face ripping gutterspawn here at Night of the Creeps EARNED this mean bastard on our own!

Looks like our therapists were right all along. Too bad we already ate all of them.

An award that was so graciously bestowed upon the members of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS after the notorious "Rape of Smurf Village" incident on October 31st, 1998. It's a badge that each of us wears with pride upon our low-fat bio booster assault suit...except for GENERAL ZOD, who has it tattooed on his ass!

That's right, we got this one for watching KILLER NERD and JACK FROST on the same night!!! Well...not really, we actually got this award due to Pete's ASS. This award is dedicated to that oh so great FART Pete gave all of us that cold and tittiless night, at Z-Man's house!! His couch still smells like ass! All I can say is, thank God we didn't watch movies at my place!!

That's right sucker, we are now a WEB GOD. What does that mean??? It mean I can come over to your house and Kick your Lego Action ass any time I want!!! I could even summon the combined powers VOLTRON and whip your as Bodeken style ass!!! The point is: this award proves that we are Gods, or that we can take five seconds to fill out a form and win a award that everybody probably gets!!!

I'm sorry...is that a trophy I seee? Well HOT DAMN! I would just like to give a shout out to all the people who made this trophy come to life! Lets see..... I want to give a shout out to Mama Bear out in the woods, I'd like to give a shout out to Bad Moon Rising and his dolphin shirt, I'd like to give a shout out to Sir Moe (the real King of the WWF) and lastly I'd like to give a shout out to Ms. Brown, who would never let me settle for a C!!!

Hey sucka, Pimp Daddy here and all I gots to say is Byatch, you better get your pickle-picking ass in gear and pay some respect to our bitch here! She gave us this award, cause I rocked your mama's arse, beat your granddaddy down, and laughed all the way home about it!!!!! Now click on the award and check out her site, and maybe I'll send you some of my HO'S!!!

ELITE, as in better than your stank ass!!! As in we are your masters and you ain't nothing but a thang!! As in we are the shit in horror movie reviews. But don't take my word for it, Just ask one of my Bitches!!!

BAMBI-"At first I didn't know, but after I had a look, Ooooooo..weeeeee, I Couldn't get enough" TITTY CON QUESO-"Uno, Dos, Tres, DAME UN DICK!!!!!" Booty Tang-"If this Web Page was a Booty, It It would be as raw as a Baboon's ass!!!"

See, What did I tell you fool? Now shut the hell up and check out the rest of our site!!!!

This here is the highly coveted Night of the Creeps Award and we may just start giving this award to those of you who we think are worthy. Do you think your site has what it takes to win this highly desired award??!!? Well, if it dosen't have VIOLENCE, BLOOD, MOVIES or TITTIES, all I can say is: YOU DON'T STAND A CHANCE!!! But click on the award and submit it anyway... we'll have a good time ripping it to shreads!

Soon, even more awards will be added as the public begins to realize the true greatness of these pages. However, for now, go back and check out the rest of the site! Come back later and see if you have what it takes to recieve our award!!!!