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Fear My Furious J Crew Style, Bitches!


Alias: Nutrient Death

Style: Four Food Group Fist

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Blood Type: AB

Birthplace: East Side

Birthdate: unknown

Likes: Eating Right, J. Crew, Regular Exercise, Grandma's Grits, Talking About Feelings, Arson, Large Breasts, Suzette the Sassy French Monkey

Dislikes: Invaders From Shaolin, 5 Element Fist, Grandma's Tits, NWO Hollywood, You

Favorite Films: "Sister Act 2: The Quickening", "Earnest Scared Stupid", "Sit On My Face Volume XII"

Quote:"It Takes a Big Man To Cry. It Takes An Even Bigger Man To Laugh At That Man."

(Complete As Of 8/1/98)

Arabian Face Buster

Go-Go Get 'Em Grabber Hand (Unblockable)

Inverted Atomic Titty Twister (Throw)


Ninjatronic Corduroy Boot Kick

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