Through countless hours of painstaking research (O.K., more like thirty minutes of research: but it was painful) we here at Night of the Creeps have gathered a collection of links to various sites around the web and around the world that truly do the Horror genre justice in their own special way. Rather than flooding you guys with a list of fifty sites and forcing you to pick out the winners from the shitters (and they ARE out there), we decided to begin with a small list of excellent sites and gradually increase the list as time goes by.

Each one of the links below is a shining gem in the horror community. They are all multiple award winners (well...MOST of them) and rightfully so. They all kick an incredible amount of ass and should be viewed by any true bad movie fan wishing to expand his or her horror knowledge!

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"Daily Bloody News!"

Here it is bitches. The web site that made DOCTOR OCTAGON drop a foamy ass puff in his piss-stained superpants! THE GOREZONE is what we professionals like to call "THE SHIT". It is simply the best source for horror movie news anywhere on the fucking planet...updated every day with a ton of excellent little news blurbs about theatrical releases, video releases, DVD releases, plotlines, axed projects, oatmeal pussy recipes, and much much more! Don't let the fact that it's run by a couple of hairy French bastards who like to lick the love musk out of construction workers' armpits turn you off: this site kicks ass!

Losman's Lair of Horror

"The Losman Cometh! Hide Your Livestock!"

Raging hemorrhoid robeast and hopeless egomaniac LOSMAN has been corrupting the unsuspecting masses on the internet for over two years now, making LOSMAN'S LAIR OF HORRORS one of the longer lived personal horror sites that is constantly updated. His gargantuan filth tribute is more like 8 seperate web pages all united under one evil banner. With huge sections devoted to each of the splinter genres of horror films, you can literally revel in the swill pits of SLASHER CITY, FACES OF DEATH, MONDO MANIA, or the time-line style smorgasboard of some of the greatest horror flicks ever created under TRULY GREAT HORROR FLICKS. All around, Losman is a class act when it comes to the horror biz, and any site that has won the coveted "FUCK THAT WEAK SHIT AWARD" is more than worthy of your time! So get off that damn futon you fag... before Losman knocks that floral print off your ass!


"A Website To The Detriment of Good Film"

Somehow this excellent web page managed to slip through the bowels of Gozer and out of the watchful gaze of our stalwart NOTC muff diving spinebusters in charge of the Sausage Links section! BADMOVIES.ORG is a fantastic collection of movie reviews that truly do their subjects justice. Each review has an excellent collection of high quality images, sound clips of some of the cheesiest lines of dialogue, and is SUPREMELY ORGANIZED. In addition to such horror classics as "SLUGS", "HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS", and the mysterious "BARN OF THE BLOOD LLAMA"(!!!)- resident evildoer Fenris pays homage to some other genres of bad cinema... like old school kung fu, Troma flicks, and some sci-fi snot.... so rest assured that no matter what pain is your pleasure: will not disappoint! Now go visit this atomic badass before I club this baby seal!

Horror Search

"The Horror Movie Search Engine"

For all of you colon-rupturing snot trolls out there who have always wanted a directory of horror movie pages organized BY MOVIE TITLE: your shit has finally come in.'s HORROR SEARCH is just such a directory: brimming over with all manner of horror filth in an easy-to-abuse format. A lot of official studio web pages devoted to particular horror flicks roam these sacred killing grounds along with the parade of fanboy excrement... so you've got quite a diverse herd of links to sift through. They're a great resource for digging up info on some of the lesser known horror flicks, and one that just so happens to be on the NOTC Boron Meat-Bag Slave Payroll. Check them out!

The HellFest Website

"The Official (and, Frankly, the Only) HELLFEST Webpage"

From the desolate artic wastes of Ottowa stalks the four man Wrecking Crew of sin stained face eaters known as THE HELLFEST GANG. These maniac seal clubbers may not know much... but they sure as shit know how to have a damn BAD MOVIE FEST. Jordan "Wolfman" Sabourin, Lucifer Liam, Dr. Jeffyl, and Gunshot Gerd have refined the simple act of getting the lads together for some horror flicks into a fine art- and their incredible page proves it. THE HELLFEST WEBSITE is a truly amazing resource for all you fledgling scumdogs out there interested in starting your own coven of horror worshipping freaks. REVIEWS, HISTORY, CONTESTS, RULES, SURVIVAL GUIDES, shit- you name it- it's all here. These guys focus on the party aspect of the horror experience better than anybody on the damn net, and as a result they are truly one of the bigger diamonds lodged in the eternal asshole of humanity that is known as GEOCITIES. Visit or Die!

Absolute Horror

"Dan Sachar's Bi-Weekly Horror Movie Review"

Although not exactly Bi-Weekly these days, Mr. Dan Sachar definitely has some of the highest quality reviews of "Modern B-Movies" on the web today. Although his vault of movies reviewed is relatively small compared to the other giants on the net (containing about 40 or so movies), Dan takes a lot of time to craft his reviews: and it shows. Absolute Horror has been around for quite a while, and was one of the big inspirations for our goofy asses to get on the internet in the first place! Check it out.

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey

"The World's Definitive Horror Web Page"

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the grandaddy of them all. THE CABINET OF DR. CASEY is a website that will simply blow your brains out with its sheer volume of information. The Cabinet is not only an excellent resource for Horror in Film (boasting an amazing archive of original movie poster images, the latest in horror movie news, and the awe inspiring Horror Movie Database), but also focuses on Horror in Literature, on Television, in Art, on the Web, in Games, in Music, on Stage(!), and everything in-between. With tons of interviews, articles, and the most extensive Horror Links page on the net, THE CABINET OF DR. CASEY is quite simply the most comprehensive collection of horror related information on the web today. Check it out, but be prepared to spend a lot of time exploring!



"The Good, The Bad & The Wretched!"

With over 700 individual movies covered within its confines, THE VIDEO GRAVEYARD definitely has the most complete list of horror movie reviews around, if not the most in-depth ones. Chances are if its out in the video stores- resident madman Chris Hartley has seen it, given it a rating, and posted a snappy two line review for it on his gargantuan page. An excellent resource to use when scouring the video stores for some more obscure horror films or for safeguarding you and your loved ones from a potentially shitty movie. Chris is also the founding father of the infamous 'Attack of the 50 Foot Web Ring'!

House of Horrors

"Where Terror Awaits You In Every Room!"

As the official home of the coveted 'Golden Zombie Award', HOUSE OF HORRORS is truly a kick ass site. It is solely devoted to horror movies and has extensive files on the creators of horror films, the special effects men, interviews with such giants as Tom "Dawn of the Dead" Savini, and probably the best 'Horror Hall of Fame" on the net today! A beautiful site that is absolutely PACKED with original artwork from the films themselves, painstakingly scanned in by Master John himself. I dare not think how much work this site must have taken for one lone bastard to make- but all that hard work obviously pays off big time here. An absolutely wicked site. Be sure to check out the 'Jason Voorhees File' while you're there!

Trae's Horror Page

"Reviewing the Best (and Especially the Worst) In Horror"

Hosted by our man in Amsterdam, Trae Dean, TRAE'S HORROR PAGE is an excellent collection of over 100 single paragraph horror movie reviews. Ingeniously organized into themed "festivals", Trae's page is a nice resource for those of us who know what kind of carnage we wanna see. I'm a bit partial to the "Cornucopia of Crazies" festival, myself. With a stable of reviews that range everywhere from the old Vincent Price classic "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" to the neo-smut shitfest known as "Sorority House Massacre II: Nighty Nightmare", Trae has definitely seen his fair share of horror films... and any mortal who has sat through the entire "Leprechaun" series and not hung himself with a barbed wire noose has definitely earned my respect. Check it out!

Mortado's Page of Filth

"Not For The Faint of Heart!"

An absolutely awe inspiring site!!! Hosted by the ultra-frightening ghoul Mortado himself, THE PAGE OF FILTH is a momument of horror achievement on the internet. Mortado's frothing pack of blood sucking freaks have created a site that is a true home on the internet for incurable gorehounds and unabashed lovers of wholesale slaughter. THE PAGE OF FILTH contains one of the most impressive collections of obscure / cult movie reviews I've seen on the internet. While not as extensive as the 700+ reviews on The Video Graveyard (but still damn huge with over 130 flicks reviewed) the fiends at Mortado's Page of Filth give each movie a much more in-depth review. And shit... what a group of reviews! The PAGE OF FILTH specializes in bringing you some of the more fucked up and bizarre cult offerings the horror genre has to offer (with a great appreciation for some excellent Italian horror!). With titles like "Nekromantik", "Twitch of the Death Nerve", and "Make Them Die Slowly"... you know you're not in for an easy trip. While not crossing the border (at least not yet) into the realm of neo-nast repulsion flicks like "Entrails of the Virgin" or the notorious "Guinea Pig" series... the hombres at MORTADO'S PAGE OF FILTH do a pretty good job of frightening me with some of their diseased torture film offerings. Definitely not for the faint of heart... but if you need to satiate some of your darker horror film urges-it's going to be very difficult to top Mortado. Visit them if you dare.

Horror Movies That Suck!

"The Name Says It All"

Jason Hardy has rightfully earned the distinguished title of "King Shit of Turd Mountain" with his web page HORROR MOVIES THAT SUCK. When this cat says horror movies that suck, he damn well means it: he's seen some truly wretched pieces of shit and lived to tell the tale. With over 100 movie reviews... the flick list reads off like a Roll Call of the Damned: Jack-O, Doom Asylum, The Bone Yard, Troll 2, the list goes on and on! Jason's rapid fire mini-reviews of his shit breed stable of films can be truly hysterical. A fun little site to browse through- and a great way to prevent yourself from renting an absolute disaster of a horror movie! Check it out!

The Bad Movie Report

"Face It. We Love Crap."

Hosted by wily horror veteran and googly eyed madman, Freeman Williams, THE BAD MOVIE REPORT is an incredible look at the world of low budget horror world from the inside out. For those of you Godless heathens out there who don't know- our man Freeman was the creative genius behind the classic neo-shitfest that is "FOREVER EVIL". In addition to having some of the most thorough and genuinely engaging reviews of hard to find horror schlock on the internet today (specializing in old-school gems worthy of a Golden Turkey or two), Freeman gives us an amazing in-depth account of the evolution of what he calls his "own little thalidomide baby": FOREVER EVIL. He chronicles his odyssey in the page's section "MY OWN PERSONAL NIGHTMARE" and it simply has to be read to be believed. Freeman Williams is, without a doubt, a hardcore horror giant with more experience in the genre than many of us could ever dream of having. Pay homage to his legacy of pain!

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