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Oh yes, November 1998. What a shitty month for horror news. Not only did November 1998 see one of the largest droughts of horror related news and schlock in recent history...but it also saw our beloved server crash for nearly two weeks: resulting in tons of twisted wreckage and charred corpses. Not that any of us here at NOTC have anything against twisted wreckage or charred corpses... but it results in some pretty meager offerings on the Rumor Mill. I have pity for the sad fucks who dare proceed this far into the yawning abyss of madness.... for sadly, God has none.

DEEP BLUE SEA Wraps Filming

November 16th, 1998

I guess it's pretty pathetic when we've got to report shit like this on our rumor mill... but the last two weeks have seen one of the worst droughts in horror news since WHAM topped the charts. So, for all of you pig headed, ninjaphonic hate bombs out there who remember that killer mutant shark movie DEEP BLUE SEA with LL COOL J, Michael Rappaport, and an assload of superintelligent sharkticons, you may be interested in knowing that the film wrapped filming this week off the coast of Mexico. It also shocked the studio execs by finishing UNDER BUDGET! The only thing left to do now is to add some footage of real great white sharks swimming around, eating chum, and doing backflips. This will be added in Decemberof this year... so it seems like Renny Harlin's DEEP BLUE SEA will be muscling its way into theaters sooner than we once thought. People, this is not a good thing... so wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.

Anorexic Cannibal Sluts Attack in "MUNCHIES"

November 11th, 1998

Trust us. A premise as fucked up as the new MGM property "MUNCHIES" simply has to be real. Reportedly picked up as a script from Matt Roshkow (moo) and David Kukoff, MUNCHIES details the exploits of a group of four high school girls who as are unpopular as they are anorexic. Dubbed "the stick chicks" by their high school oppressors, the girls go off to a diet clinic for "rehabilitation". Upon returning, the girls are healthy, happy, and HUNGRY FOR HUMAN FLESH. That's right, they're now teenage cannibals out to take a bite out of crime...or cheerleader ass. Apparently, this script was a relatively hot commodity in filmland- as several studios dueled for the rights. MGM won after utilizing a six hit dragon punch combo on the competition, and expects to put MUNCHIES in front of the camera sometime in the first quarter 1999. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, but if the gore is done tastelessly (as it should be) it could be a great bad movie to watch while stoned and/or constipated

A Review of The Book Behind "THE DEMONOLOGIST"

November 7th, 1998

As many of you pick fucking ass bandits who frequent the pit of woe that we call the NOTC RUMOR MILL may know, WARNER BROTHERS is currently working on bringing "THE DEMONOLOGIST" to the silver screen. This demon-busting, holy rolling freakshow extravaganza is based upon an actual book by the same name. According to Garp, this text is supposed to be pretty fucking scary... so imagine our surprise when loyal NOTC mind slave and part time hillbilly ghostbuster ENIGMATIC PANDEMONIUM submitted this BOOK REPORT that caused him to flunk out of 9th grade English class. It reveals a little more about the premise of THE DEMONOLOGIST and the people behind the twisted tale: Ed and Lorraine Warren. So, by all means, take a look at this monument of filth that was so kindly donated by a fellow cannibal space hog!

"The Demonologist is a novel written by Gerald Brittle on the accounts and documented cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren and their war against evil. Thebook ranges from Ed and Lorraine's younger days when both knew they weredestined for God's work, though not necessarily in the church, though theywork closely by it in the field of Demonology. Ed is one of a handful of Demonolgists in the world, and Lorraine, I believe it says, is a clairvoyant, giving her the ability to see and hear and feel things most people couldn't and can't. The team has investigated AMITYVILLE, West Point Academy, and the most frightening case in the book, to me, is the case of the Donovans where a girl had found a 'friend' by using a ouija board, invited the friend in, andas it turned was a demon in disguise. Their website is and if you are interested in the paranormal further, check out you have the means, I recommend the book The Demonologist. It's full ofpictures, audio text from tapes of cases and it would make even the mostdevout skeptic think about its contents."

Is "GHOSTING" Being Set Up
To Be The Next "SCREAM" Franchise?

November 3rd, 1998

It sure as shit is if you speak to those lizards in the corporate offices of DIMENSION FILMS. The storyline of GHOSTING was poicked up by the studio last July in an effort to capitalize on their mega-hit SCREAM. The story, which was the heart of the Mitchell Rosenberg comic of the same title, is being retooled by screenplay goblins STEVE STUSCO and JOHN WEIDNER. The comic's premise is spotty at this point, revolving around a new horror villain (a la Freddy Kreuger) that exploits fraternity pledges' greatest fears in some freakish hazing like process. Still... the premise of SCREAM probably sounded quite unimpressive on paper, and that turned out to be one of the biggest surprises that the horror world has seen in years! Who knows... perhaps GHOSTING will follow suit and rake in the big bucks and support for the horror world. But I wouldn't bet the farm on it just yet. Keep tuned in to CORPSE TV here at the rumor mill and we'll inform you as soon as we get new info.

"VAMPIRES" Slaughters The Competition!

November 4th, 1998

Praise be to John Carpenter and all of his vampire busting honkies! Carpenter's VAMPIRES did some major damage at the box office on opening weekend, raking in over $9 million and seizing the coveted number one spot in its swivel-arm battle grip. For those of you gutless maggots out there who have not crept into the theater to witness this carnage first hand... you should feel ashamed. VAMPIRES is well worth the full price of admission, and is definitely a classic horror flick that's not to be missed! So go see it, goddammit!

Rumors Surface About "THE DEMONOLOGIST"

November 3rd, 1998

Warner Brothers Studio, that towering colossus of Hollywood Justice is apparently busying themself with a film adaptation of the Gerald Brittle book "THE DEMONOLOGIST". The movie, of the same name, will follow the grim careers of two parapsychologists (Ed and Lorraine Warren) who investigate all manner of haunted locales, perform exorcisms, and hunt ghosts and demons. Now before all of you hoot-nanny hot house faggots out there start chiming about the similarity of this text with the popular "X-FILES" or "BUFFY: THE MUFF DIVER" series.... understand that this bad bastard first dawned on the literary scene back in the 80s. Supposedly, it is pretty damn scary. Of course, people said the same thing about "WES CRAVEN'S SHOCKER"... and that made me laugh so hard that chocolate chip cookie dough shot out of my ass and into the oven. Still, THE DEMONOLOGIST sounds like an intriguing flick to attempt... and one that may be worth checking out!



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