Well, here are the archived rumors from October. Don't be suprised if instead of these coming true, your sister gets pregnant all of a sudden.

Dueling Mummies

October 31st, 1998

Kabuki Buttcrack Impaler MARQUIS De SADE has once again decided to grace us with his presence here in the gristle-choked RUMOR MILL. Fresh from his recent vacation on the Third Plane of Hell, the good Marquis has come across a juicy little tidbit about a bevy of upcoming MUMMY movies. By all means, you two-headed cretin, check it out:

"It boils down to a choice between 'The Relic' and 'Deep Rising' as two Hollywood heavy-hitters hit the big Screen in the Spring of 1999."

"The first, Universal's 'The Mummy', comes unwrapped May 7th, 1999 and is Universal's first attempt to revive it's classic monster movies of the 1930's. The film stars Brendan Fraser as a French Foreign Legion who awakens a mummified Egyptian soldier. Written and directed by Stephen Sommers (the man who brought us 'Deep Rising') and is set to feature shots of ancient and modern Egypt, skeletal warriors, and plagues of insects. So, it may just turn out ok...if everyone can get past Fraser's Encino Man/George of the Jungle boy-next-door look."

"Our next film, 'Talos the Mummy', opens April 2, 1999 and features 'Dragon' star Jason Scott Lee. While no French Foreign Legion or skeletal warriors appear in this one, it does have an Egyptian Mummy named Talos reeking havok upon Modern-day London and Jason Scott Lee as a detective hot on the trail. Does the rash murders in the city have anything to do with the Talos exhibit at the local museum and the beautiful archeologist whose grandfather died trying to remove the tomb? Did Lee Majors ever bang Heather Locklear on the set of The Fall Guy? Talos also boasts a great potential for victims with Shelley Duvall, Lysette Anthony, and Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore, for all you ignorant Bond fucks) are all set to appear. Now, which movie would I recommend? As I said, it seems to be a choice between 'Deep Rising' and 'The Relic', but personally...since these movies are set to be released the same time as 'Star Wars Episode one: The Phantom Menace', I could give two shits."


October 30th, 1998

Galvanized by the success of recent horror flicks, including the surprising box officetake of HALLOWEEN: H20, UNAPIX ENTERTAINMENT has just purchased the theatrical rights to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. So what does this mean exactly? Well, it means that the fifth installment in the chainsaw series, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: 25th ANNIVERSARY (also going by the moniker "TX25") will be released in theaters sometime next year. Although the film is currently in pre-production right now, Executive Producer Robert Baruc states that writers and directors are currently being sought out for the project. Any other facts about the film itself are unknown... but you can bet your ass that we'll keep you dregs up to speed whenever we can.

Stuart Gordon to Direct "SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH"?

October 27th, 1998

Fresh from the congealed clot of rancid pus that heads up AIN'T IT COOL NEWS comes rumor that STUART GORDON, the director of RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND (two excellent Lovecraftian film adaptations), has been pressing the flesh all over Hollywood Babylon in an effort to get his latest project up and running: THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH. For those of you dregs out there who aren't familiar with the convoluted pantheon of Elder Gods and big, extra-dimensional badasses of H.P. LOVECRAFT's horror fiction... "THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH" deals with a backward New England town of genetic freaks who turn out to be interbreeding with a hideous race of aquatic fish demons known as DEEP ONES. A hapless hero, who stumbles upon this little hamlet of evil, soon realizes that he's uncovered a horrifying plot that will result in the DEEP ONES rising from the seas with their new "children" to reclaim the surface world. It's a slow-moving, almost stately piece of work (like just about all of Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos stories) that may or may not translate well to the big screen. From all indications, GORDON is not looking for the same rapid-fire, bucket of guts style of horror that defined his earlier Lovecraft works RE-ANIMATOR or FROM BEYOND. He's looking for a more authentic translation of the old horror-writer's style.... which is generally bad news for us rabid gore hounds. This project hasn't even been green-lighted yet... so don't hold your breath. The idea of DAGON worshipping fish mutants who like to fuck human females to carry on their web-toed seed hasn't exactly caught on with studio execs. But when it eventually does come out... just don't walk in expecting a slam-bang splatterfest and you'll be O.K. In theory anyway. Still, seeing as how the project is one of Father Cthulhu's many headed children- as green blooded horror fans, we've got to support our man STUART GORDON.


October 26th, 1998

Like we really need this bullshit? From the "creative geniuses" behind the rancid booger eating travesty of justice known as "SPY HARD" (Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer) comes the equally nauseating title "SCREAM IF YOU KNOW WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER". This script, which promises to parody the likes of FRIDAY THE 13th, HALLOWEEN, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET as well as the deluge of new horror releases, has just been purchased by DIMENSION FILMS. Anyone who has actually sat through the entire 90 minutes of SPY HARD knows that Friedberg and Seltzer are truly masters of horror... because, face it: that movie ate asshole like a ravenous, salad-tossing fag in Cell Block Three. Although the film hasn't begun filming yet- expect it to be in theaters sometime in 1999 as to capitalize on the recent horror resurgence. Now, all of us here at NOTC are not advocating that you actualyl go out and WATCH this trash or anything... we just thought we'd warn all of you that this P.O.S. is on the way.

Killer Pussies Attack in "FATALIS"

October 26th, 1998

Those chowder browed atomic knuckleheads over at UNIVERSAL PICTURES are at it again. It what appears to be a complete resurrection of the old monster movie-stlye of horror flick, Universal is tossing us to the lions. Tigers, actually. Big, fucking saber toothed bastards that crave human flesh. The film FATALIS (taken from the scientific name for the saber-toothed cat of yesteryear) revolves around the bizarre climatic shifts brought about by El Nino. Apparently, these tumultuous changes in climate have made it safe for the saber toothed tigers to again roam the land in search prey. So now, with an army of pissed off pussies invading Los Angeles and eating up all the Mexicans, an academic expert with a penchant for ANCIENT WEAPONRY (!) decides to stop them any way he can. Universal signed the deal with SYLVESTER STALLONE as the lead role. So, if the idea of Sly cracking tiger vertebrae with a bevy of blunted killing instruments from the Bronze Age tickles your wigglies... then perhaps you should keep a watchful eye out for this one. The flick's rights just got bought up... so don't expect this one to surfaced until later on in 1999.

"CHERRY FALLS" Refuses To Put Out

October 26th, 1998

Geoffrey Wright (ROMPER STOMPER) has signed on to do a brand new Home Stlye Slash Fest for newbie butt sucker outfit ROGUE PICTURES. The film, which is set to go before the cameras early in 1999 (the crew is searching for shooting locations as we...well, I speak). Practically nothing is known about the picture except for the fact that THERE IS NO SEX WHATSOEVER! The whole "spin" on this flick is that the homicidal maniac killer has decided to stray from the norm (preying upon slutty ass high school / college co-ed bush hogs) and now he only stalks "VIRGINAL KIDS" who "know when to say when" when it comes to hot beef injections. Well shit. Not that recent horror flicks (SCRAM, I KNOW WHO YOU DID LAST SUMMER, URBAN LEGEND) have been overflowing with big breasted lasses cavorting around in the locker room... but could this be the death knell of nudity in the horror business? God, I hope not. I suppose only time will tell... We'll be sure to keep you posted on further developments.

CHUCKY Does Some Damage At The Box Office!

October 21st, 1998

Oh... my bad! Did CHUCKY just take a bite out of some Box Office Ass last weekend? I believe so. That mean AA powered sonofabitch just cleared $11.8 MILLION dollars on his opening weekend! How much did your mama clear last wekeend? Five. Five MILLION? No. That bitch got FIVE CENTS when I threw a nickle at that gap in her teeth for looking ugly on the street corner. With an impressive take at the B.O. (placing second... right behind that date movie nightmare PRACTICAL MAGIC), it can only mean that more sloppy-topped horror shit like BRIDE OF CHUCKY is headed to theaters in the future! WHOO HOO! I LOVE AMERICA.

END OF DAYS Swaps Directors

October 21st, 1998

As if any of you beef jerkys out there could give a rat's hairy ass about ARNIE'S next film project END OF DAYS (in which SATAN comes to New York City to steal a woman for his bride...and grizzled ex-cop Arnold has to stomp his ass)... the film has undergone a slight change in behind-the-scenes talent. The earlier director (MARCUS NISPEL) has left the project citing "creative differences". Undaunted, Beacon Communications has just signed RELIC director PETER HYAMS to head up this devil-busting project. END OF DAYS is scheduled to stutter and grunt into theaters sometime in 1999... so look for it and pretend that it was COMMANDO.

APT PUPIL Goosesteps Into Theaters This Weekend

October 19th, 1998

Yet another Tahitian Treat has been delivered unto us by Captain Compound Fracture Himself, the MARQUIS De SADE. This time, he takes a pause in his busy schedule of whipping corset bound French maids into submission to write up a little diddy on the upcoming flick APT PUPIL. And while APT PUPIL won't be coming to our FLICK LIST, it is most certainly horrific in nature- and worthy of a rectal exam from the Good Doctor. So turn your head and cough, slug. Here comes your news:

And as if we haven't heard enough from Stephen King, he is also responsible for the story "Apt Pupil" about everybodies favorite band of misfits; the nazis. Brad Renfro plays a punk who catches a Nazi war criminal (Ian McKellan) and blackmails naziboy into telling stories of WWII concentration camps. OH Scary...but this movie looks decent. Directed by our "Usual Suspects" Badboy Bryan Singer and with a strange supporting cast like Dawson's butt buddy Joshua Jackson, Elias 'Casey Jones' Koteas, and David Schwimmmer (who hopefully plays a victem) Everything we have heard gives this film a clean bill of Horror health, but I still am weary; Where's the carnage, Where's the titty? Can't wait to find out, hunt at the site below!

King's DESPERATION Coming To Theaters

October 19th, 1998

Resurrected after being ass fucked into oblivion by a pack of seething Steroidian Scrotum-Eating Treasure Trolls, NOTC iron-clad staff member MARQUIS De SADE slithers in through the back door of our RUMOR MILL with a little tidbit on Stephen King's latest novel-to-film adaptation: DESPERATION. Enjoy, you damn dirty apes...

Welcome to Desperation. Stephen King's latest novel about this creepy little Nevada town is the next slated to get the Big Screen Make-over. Does Everything this man touch turn to gold? Whatever happened to a movie on "Gerald's Game" We could see maybe Jennifer Lopez tied naked to a bed for two hours. I'd pay $6.50 for that! Anyway, this latest King fling is being directed by Mick Garris ("The Shining"(TV) / "The Stand"(TV) ). Unfortunately, No one knows any actors for this film, even though it began filming in the Southwest in July! And when was the last really scary King movie? Were we terrified during "Dolores Clairborne"? Did anyone even watch "The Shining" on TV starring the putz from Wings? Is "The Regulators" (The Richard Bachman book starring the same characters from Desperation but in a different setting) far behind in the filming?

Anyone has any comments, you know where we are.

Wes Craven Signs Monster Deal With Dimension Films!

October 15th, 1998

Hong Kong action stuntman WES CRAVEN, the creative power behind such horror icons as A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and SCREAM, has recently signed a huge movie deal with Miramax's underling production house DIMENSION. The multi-million dollar contract will feature Craven taking the directorial position for next year's SCREAM 3 and two other (undisclosed features) for the studio in the next four years. In addition to that directorial business, Craven and his (re)producing partner Marianne Maddalena will be co-producing a series of four horror related films titled WES CRAVEN PRESENTS. However, Mr. Craven is not currently at work on the SCREAM 3 project. He is currently involved in the production of a non-horror piece entitled 50 VIOLINS. It's a dramatic piece starring MERYL STREEP. (ugh) Directing a non-horror project has been a dream for Craven for years now considering that he's been almost exclusively known for his slasher flicks. Now, with the wildly popular SCREAM series, Craven has been given a chance to show the "rest" of the movie going public what he can do. Although I can pretty much assure you that 50 VIOLINS isn't going to be a movie that you'll go see (unless your woman drags you to that shit), all of us here at NIGHT OF THE CREEPS wish Mr. Craven the best of luck!

Oh yeah, for all you meddling kids out there... SCREAM 3 is scheduled to begin production as soon as work wraps on 50 VIOLINS. SCREAM 3 has a tentative release date of Christmas, 1999.


October 15th, 1998

After lounging about in Hollywood Limbo Hell for quite some time after the nauseating Hollywood Teen Hearthrob LEONARDO DiCAPRIO turned down the title role... it seems that America's favorite Wall Street Badass/Vicious Serial Killer will be crawling onto screens sometime next year. The production of AMERICAN PSYCHO is being handled by Lion's Gate Films, and will be headed up (once again) by director Mary Harron. Also, with DiCaprio turning down the part, actor Christian Bale is back on board as the lead. Unfortunately, the once monstrous $40 MILLION dollar budget dropped to a $10-$15 million dolalr budget when Caprio jumped ship. Doh! For those of you out there who are uneducated, under the influence of Riddlin, or trapped in Death Cave, AMERICAN PSYCHO is based on the highly controversial 1990s novel by BRETT EASTON ELLIS. The novel details the twisted life of a Wall Street tycoon by day.... vicious serial killer and lover of twisted freak sex by night. I've actually had the chance to read several excerpts from the book... and man, IT IS FUCKED UP. Quite twisted material... even for us CREEPS to digest! Obviously, the material will have to be seriously undercut (seeing as how an NC-17 rating usually means instant box office death), but it will be interesting to see how they deal with all of the gut-wrenching nastiness. Keep your eyes peeled, knave!

What Lies In Store In 1999?

October 14th, 1998

Thanks in large to a Tomahawk Cruise Missile that strayed of course and blew up the local DENNY's family style eatery, our intrepid scavenging ghouls here at NIGHT OF THE CREEPS were able to gather a vast amount of horror titles that will be supposedly infiltrating your local theaters in The Year of Our Lord, 1999. Unfortunately, since our slavering pack of necrolized super-ghouls are FUCKING MORONS- they failed to get much information on the actual PLOTS of the films. So, if you want in-depth plot treatments of your favorite upcoming horror flicks....well, fuck you. We ain't got dat. However, if you want to tempt your tummy with the taste of Guts and Money: read on! There are a lot of titles to scan... so get your thinking caps on tight.


  • Matrix
  • Open Your Eyes
  • The 13th Floor
  • Virus
  • In Dreams
  • Valentine's Day
  • Ravenous
  • The Astronaut's Wife
  • Supernova
  • Beowulf
  • Evil Never Dies: Wishmaster II
  • Stigmata
  • The Wisdom of Crocodiles
  • Talos The Mummy
  • eXistenZ
  • The Mummy
  • Killing Mrs. Tingle
  • The Green Mile
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Freddy Vs. Jason
  • Lost Souls
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • Scream 3
  • American Psycho
  • The Arrival Agenda
  • Carnival of Souls
  • Carrie 2
  • Cold Hearts
  • The Dentist II
  • Desperation
  • End of Days
  • Flight 180
  • The Hangman's Daughter (From Dusk Til Dawn)
  • Idle Hands
  • In Between
  • Lake Placid
  • End of Days
  • The Ninth Gate
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Pitch Black
  • Shark Attack
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Sometimes They Come Back...For More
  • The Stendahl Syndrome
  • Texas Blood Money (Sequel to From Dusk Til Dawn)
  • The 13th Warrior
  • When A Stranger Calls Back III
  • Sit and Spin II: R.O.T.O.R.
  • Stop! Or My Mom Will Fall Down And Break her Pelvis!
  • Upper Lip

  • A Cruel & Unusual Review Of "STRANGELAND"

    October 13th, 1998

    As if our faith wasn't already shaken to the very core by all the bad publicity Dee Snider's mondo-bizarro torture flick STRANGELAND has received... along comes NOTC's slime crawling superspy DARKNESS with this absolutely devastating mini-review. None of us here at NOTC HQ can vouch for the film's quality just yet... seeing as how it never released within a 500 mile radius of Snake Mountain, but if half of what comrade DARKNESS says is true... this flick is destined for the cosmic shitbowl. Here you go, you rancid DigiFucks... I hope you enoy taking part in Dee Snider's fall from grace!

    What can one say about crap that has not already been said before? This movie blows on so many levels it cannot be described in words any mortal would understand. If not for the packet of No-Doze handed out by the ticket idiot at the window I may not have survived this attempt at horror. From start to finish we are treated to nothing of substance. Lame characters trudge through dialogue that makes "Return to Boggy Creek" look like something Poe wrote. Do we care if any of these simpleton teens die in this film? No. Did we get to see some titty? Yes. Did we care? No. It wasnt until half way through the movie that a true moment of horror occured. What was that you ask? What single moment nearly paralyzed me with fear? It happend when I ran out of pop and still had half a bag of popcorn left. Dee, if anyone tells you that you know how to write kindle tell them they are an idiot. No one wants to hear the bad guy talk endlessly for the whole film. It was all right until he opened his mouth and started to speak about how we need rights of passage into adulthood. How we must carry the scars with us into the future. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STICK A NEEDLE IN SOME TEEN'S FACE ALREADY!!!! Sorry, but the two other people in the show didnt mind when I yelled that.

    So you figure you will still get some quality kills out of this thing right? RIGHT?!?! NO FKKN WAY!! We get teased with this and teased with that. We never get to see any real in-depth shots of hooks tearing into flesh or blood soaking into floors or bodies drenched in blood. You would figure that if a guy pushed several large hooks into a woman's tits that there would be a little blood. Did we get it? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!. We get Dee telling us how important it is, how unafraid he is to die, how he wants to die. I wish I could've died. Thank God I went to the matinee and only paid out $4.50 for this worthless piece of crap. The potential to have the world's next horror superstar was right there and Dee Fucked it up. This baby should have went straight to video.


    "FREDDY vs. JASON" On The Horizon?

    October 12th, 1998

    We all know how many bullshit rumors you guys have heard about the impending "FREDDY vs. JASON" movie.... and we're pretty damn sure that you're sick as hell of hearing them. But you know...since when have any of us here at the NOTC News Center given a flying fuck about your feelings? That's why we thought we'd add further fuel to the fart fire and put in the latest rumors that WE'VE heard about "FREDDY VS. JASON". The film is tentatively scheduled to be released in JULY, 1999. Quite a ways off, really. The film is being directed by Rob Bottin. The producer is Sean S. Cunningham (Robert Englund will also co-produce the project). The scriptthat will be used for the film was written by the dynamic duo of David S. Goyer and James Robinson. Of course, Robert Englund will reprise his role as Freddy Kreuger... but at this time it's unknown if long-time funnyman Kane Hodder will step behind the mask as Jason Voorhees once again. Let's keep our fingers crossed, kids!

    "RAVENOUS" Creeps Up And Bites
    You On The Ass In 1999

    October 12th, 1998

    A bizarre and mysterious horror project that we've just heard about has been slated for an early 1999 release (February 12th to be exact). The film focuses on a small group of soldiers stationed at a remote military outpost deep within the Sierra Nevada mountains who are being hunted by a psychopathic cannibal killer who has decided it's just about time for another Feast of Flesh! Very little is known about this project as of yet, but it is directed by Antonia Bird and stars Guy Pearce, David Arquette, and Robert Carlyle. Jesus! With a plot like that... you know we're there opening night! Keep a look out for updates on this one!

    "VIRUS" Unleashes Technological Nasties

    October 12th, 1998

    A project that has been languishing in Hollywood limbo since sometime last year, and one that has been plagued with all kinds of technical problems will finally grind into theaters very early in 1999. The project is called "VIRUS", and it's a sci-fi/horror flick starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, and a Mystery Baldwin (we think it's William). The premise involves two tugboat crew members (Curtis and Baldwin) discovering a mysterious Russian vessel adrift on the open ocean during a typhoon. The two heroes seek shelter on the ship, only to find that the entire crew has disappeared! Upon investigating the hulk, they discover a thoroughly insane Donald Sutherland as well as a MUTAGENIC, BIOMECHANICAL KILLER VIRUS that assimilates both technological items and biological components into its ever changing body. Whew. The result is a nasty-looking doomsday droid that can transform every few scenes to better equip itself to butcher your candy ass. The concept art we've seen so far looks absolutely cool as hell... but all indications are that this flick will have a rough time at the box office. Preliminary reports are trickling in from agents who have seen test screenings, and they say it sucks balls. Still, we'll keep our minds open- cuz any flick that has been called "1999's DEEP RISING" has got to have some potential for entertainment!

    Dee Snider's STRANGELAND Sucks
    The Big Dick At The Box Office

    October 10th, 1998

    Well shit. What every single one of us here at NOTC had feared deep down in the pits of our stomachs seems to be coming true. Dee Snider's highly touted horror/torture flick STRANGELAND, which is currently debuting all across the country in major cities, hassn't exactly gone over very well with the fans. O.K., that's putting it pretty mildly. STRANGELAND has received some of the nastiest press and reviews from every motherfucker under the sun. Now, we're not surprised that "legitimate" critics would slam a movie about torture and sado-masochistic predators... but when horror fans begin to label this flick as one of the shittiest films seen in years... we all start to cringe. Hell, and to think I used to have a TWISTED SISTER lunchbox that I was so proud of... Say it ain't so Dee, say it ain't so.

    Here's a little review that fellow NOTC stench gnome GENERAL ZOD dug up on STRANGELAND while on assignment in Darkest Africa. It's from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY- so be forewarned:

    As the lead singer of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider, with his blond Cinderella frizz and demon-clown makeup, was far scarier than anything in this logy, inept horror movie, which he wrote, coproduced, and stars in. Snider plays Captain Howdy, a hulking S&M freak who uses a teen chat room to lure victims to his candlelit dungeon, where he sutures their mouths shut and tortures them with advanced body piercings. If the movie were half as lurid as it sounds, it might have qualified as a middling entry in the HELLRAISER series. The only thing sadistic about STRANGELAND, though, is that it's dull enough to cause pain."

    OUCH. In addition to getting thrashed by the critics... STRANGELAND failed to do jack shit on its opening weekend (October 2nd) in NEW YORK CITY and LOS ANGELES. Out of the 31 theaters that it debuted in inside the two cities- it pulled in a little over $375,000. Folks, that ain't shit. Bad News For Dee...and Bad News For Horror Fans everywhere... since STRANGELAND probably won't be showing up in theaters near you any time soon. However, considering how bad this flick might be: maybe it isn't bad news after all.

    Anyone Out There Actually Seen STRANGELAND?


    Original Recipe, Voodoo Homestyle
    Zombies Attack In Remake of

    October 2nd, 1998

    In what is turning out to be a fucking tidal wave of undead-related news this week, we have been notified by our gutterspawned hellfish operatives behind enemy lines that the 1943 zombie classic "I Walked With A Zombie", directed by Jacques Tourneur, will be remade in the near future by Hollywood Wage Slave Rob Cohen. Mr. Cohen, who worked in close conjunction with Wes Craven on location in Haiti during the filming of "SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW" (an excellent voodoo-style zombie flick), has tweaked the storyline to his own tastes. Here's how it runs down nowadays: A young woman goes to Haiti to act as a physician for an affluent white family's critically ill son. Once she arrives, she makes the grim realization that the boy is stricken with black magic. It turns out that after he dumped his Haitian girlfriend (who was delving into the forbidden arts of voodoo), she sicked the voodoo death curse on his honky ass. Serves him right. So, our intrepid heroine must now strive to find a cure amidst an ever tightening noose of bloody voodoo curses and murderous schemes. Look for this latest voodoo zombie incarnation to strike sometime in late 1999.

    Horror Stalks The Reservation

    October 2nd, 1998

    South Fork Pictures has recently picked up the rights to Tony Hillerman's novel titled "Skinwalkers" and plan to turn it into a hearty horror offering. The story revovles around a series of gruesome murders that, when investigated by Navajo Tribal police officers (!) turn out to be connected with a hellish brand of traditional Navajo Witchcraft. Although no director has been announced yet, Jake Eberts will be acting as Executive Producer with slimy cohort Michael Nozik as acting Producer. Don't expect this film to hit theaters until sometime next year... but keep your eyes peeled. More details may surface soon here at NOTC.


    October 1st, 1998

    Even though this news story should technically be filed away under the archived September News... we found it too bad ass to keep under wraps! Check it out again... for the very first time.

    It seems as though those rumors we snagged a couple of days ago were right on the money, kids. GEORGE ROMERO is indeed going to be doing the film adaptation of RESIDENT EVIL in conjunction with Constantin Films and video game maker CAPCOM. Our narcoleptic comrades in the Hate Department over at CINESCAPE have actually managed to grab ROMERO for a brief interview on the Resident Evil project, as well as a word or two about future LIVING DEAD films! Just follow the link below to find out the skinny on this bizarre project!


    So Where The Hell Is STRANGELAND?

    October 1st, 1998

    If you've had your thinking cap on in the last few weeks, you may have heard rumors flying around about Twisted Sister frontman DEE SNIDER and his upcoming horror flick STRANGELAND being released this Friday (October 2nd). However, the grim reality of it all is that come tomorrow, many of you will be left scratching your swollen testicles in despair- because you CAN'T FIND THE DAMN MOVIE IN A THEATER NEAR YOU! Yes, lads, its true. STRANGELAND is what we call a "limited release" film. Since it's not driven by the mega-bucks of huge Hollywood Studios, it's not going to be distributed in the same fashion. Here's the deal. October 2nd is the "big opening weekend" with only 400 prints of the film being shipped to major cities across the country. That means that you folks in NYC, L.A., Chicago, and other festering urban hellholes will be in for one hell of a treat. For the rest of us- we may have to wait until later. STRANGELAND will be releasing 400 MORE prints to theaters across the country on October 9th and again on October 16th. This means, in essence, that depending on your geographic location, this movie could be debuting any one of THREE DIFFERENT TIMES! Ugh. To add to the confusion, big dog DEE SNIDER himself has stated that it'll be difficult to see STRANGELAND in areas very far from large U.S. cities. And if THAT wasn't enough.... folks in the Southern States (Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee...but not Florida) will have a REALLY TOUGH time of seeing it at all, since horror films supposedly flop pretty hardcore with Southern audiences. Well, I'm from Georgia, Goddamnit, AND I LOVE THAT SHIT! Oh well... your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for this flick. Check your papers, scan some magazines, make some phone calls. STRANGELAND is largely going to be overshadowed by larger, mainstream releases, but all of us here at NOTC assure you: this movie is going to be fucking insane. Do your damnedest to locate it in a theater in your area- and go see it!



    Although we take measures to ensure the stories we post here on NotC are as accurate as possible, it is important that you understand the movie business (the horror film business, in particular) is unpredictable as hell- and what may apparently be set in stone one day may completely fall through the next. So don't blame us if you tell all your friends something you read on the NotC Rumor Mill and they laugh at you because it isn't exactly true. Night of the Creeps or its Staff Memebers can not be held accountable for your ass if it gets kicked as a result of Doctor Octagon's Rumor Mill Page. In addition, aforementioned Staff Members can not be held accountable for the Olympic Park Bombing, leaving the toilet seat up, or leaving the cake out in the rain. Night of the Creeps is, in no way, associated with the Artist Formerly Known as Prince or Rodan. We are, however, associated with Mecha-King Ghidorah and we reserve the exclusive right to open up a can of mecha-whoop ass on you if you don't get on the phone right now and call your mama. Power to the Nation and the Booty Space Station. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.