Back in the eighties I was in a show called Thundarr The Barbarian. But it was the eighties and well, shit happened and the show got cancelled. It was bound to happen anyway. So I pretty much got drunk from then untill the early nineties when I decided to get up off my Mok ass and do something. So I sobered up and traveled to Tibet and learned the ways of the Drunken Monkey Fist, the Reverse Polish Notation Elbow Drop, and the All Powerful Spinning Programmable Drop Kick. I then traveled all throughout Southeast Asia learning much from the people there and contracting different types of VD's. So I sailed back to the States, made my peace with the Gods and set out to start a new life. I was doing good untill I met up with the rest of these worthless people and now I'm back in the shitter again wasting my life and watching Bad Movies. But hey, I can still pull an R.P.N.E.D. on your ass if you try to take any of my Big 60 Cremos so back the hell up.

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Thundarr the Barbarian

Thundarr, Me, and Princess Ariel from back in the day.