Hello Folks, Once again all of us here at Night Of the Creeps have come together to provide you with a new cultural experience via this wonderful page we like to call "Que sale de ese culo". We've also cum all over your Mother, Your Grandmother, and your pet monkey "Snatch". And we've sent Pete to have a Bowel Experience on your Lawn. Most of the time we honor the millions and millions of dirty Mexicans to the south, but today we have a special tribute to our Jungle Monkey friends from west L.A and their funny Language called Ebonics. Funny because it makes us laugh? No, funny cause It's TRUE!! What is Ebonics, Well up to 1994 it was the sound your mother used to make while we beat her with a Broomsticks during our annual Mother/Broomstick Dance, However in 1994, Ebonics developed into a language of its own and now hundreds of kids are growing up using such wonderful phrases as "Stupid Fly" and "Da shit boned up and fucked, ya fool" Ahhh yes, thousands of these phrases are uttered ever day. And now you too can experiences the ass pumping titty jumping action of Ebonics. Just Listen to these two samples

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Ahhhhh! Please Take My Non-Spanish Speaking Ass Home! Quick!