The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Year: 1974
Rated: R (Banned in UK and GERMANY!)
Run Time: 83 minutes
Production Company: Rosebud Communications Releasing / New Line Cinema
Director: Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist, The Funhouse, Lifeforce, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II)
Starring: Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain, and Gunnar Hansen as "Leatherface"
T & A: Hell No
English, Motherfucker: Do You Speak It?

"Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?"

When Sally Hardesty hears that the cemetary where her grandfather is buried in is being desecrated, she decides to investigate. With the aid of her fat-ass handicapped brother Franklyn, her boyfriend Jerry, and her two pals Kirk and Pam, Sally sets out in an old van to the scene of the crime. Along the way the meddling kids encounter a freakish knife wielding hitchhiker, drive by a nauseating slaughterhouse, and enjoy some yummy award-winning BAR-B-Q before winding up at the old house where Sally and Franklyn used to live. Once at the old homestead, the teens make the grim realization that their neighbors are CHAINSAW WIELDING CANNIBAL LOONIES!!! Stranded without gasoline for the van in the middle of the Texas boondocks and surrounded by flesheating psychos, the 5 teens try their damnedest to survive the orgy of torture, murder and cannibalism that can only be called THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE!

This is the twisted flick that your mama warned you about. Quite deserving of its infamous place in movie history- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is actually pretty disturbing shit to watch. The long drawn out torture/killings throughout the movie take a lot of the laughs out of it (so it's not the funniest horror flick out there)... but rest assured that you won't be able to take your eyes off of it for a second: it's got that freakish of a feel to it. Although the 70s cheapness of the movie permeates everything in it (frankly, the movie looks like ASS), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is truly a milestone in American horror that deserves to be seen!


Our Rating System

Z-man: "Banned all over the world, and damn proud of it! A sick and twisted cult classic that might not be for everyone, but is definitely one of the most influential horror movies in recent decades."

Eagle Te: "Just plain fucked up. Look for the ambush of the wheelchair boy when he's on point. Mmmm... BAR-B-Q."

Ever wonder just what in the hell the "True Story" behind THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE really is? Well, thanks to hours of ass-busting research by our elite team of rabid grannies here at Night of the Creeps, we have uncovered the TRUTH behind this shocking film and its basis in reality!