Bloody Pom Poms

Year: 1987
Rated: R
Run Time: 89 minutes
Production Company: Prism Entertainmen Corp.
Director: John Quinn (Fallen Angel, Total Exposure, The Magic Of The Golden Bear: Goldy III... we're not joking)
Starring: Vickie Benson, Lucinda Dickey, Lorie Griffin
Chubby: Cock


A cheerleading squad heads out to a cheerleading camp to improve their high kicking, titty shaking skills. While there the head cheerleader Allison starts having crazy dreams about killing her friends, her horny pimp-ass boyfriend starts chasing some other girls, and she has to fight off the amorous advances of the team's lesbian alligator mascot. However, not all is fun and games: when some of the girls end up dead Allison starts to blame herself. Does Allison really have a dark alter-ego that's out for cheerleader blood? Or is something even more diabolical afoot at CHEERLEADER CAMP?

This is a pretty standard camp movie. Good deaths, great titty, and a fat guy with a chubby lumpkin ass that gets way too much screentime--shit two outta three ain't bad. This movie is just plain wholesome and good. As American as apple pie. The nudity is both gratuitous enough to keep your interest throughout the movie and of decent enough caliber to not make you question your own sexuality. The killings aren't really too spectacular by themselves- but when set agaisnt the backdrop of some nymphomaniac cheerleaders at Summer Camp, they work out quite nicely. Bottom line is that Cheerleader Camp makes a valiant effort to deliver the mammae in a genre that has recently strayed away from its big-breasted roots. Not the most spectacular film we've seen, but a lot of fun nonetheless. I'll give it a D... cup.

-A Collaborative Effort From Mr. Paul and Z MAN

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "I wouldn't mind having my cock eaten by that Gator."

Z-man: "I come for the killing... but I stay for the titty!"

El Santo: "It get's one star for being a camp movie and another for having titty, the half a star is for content!!"

Brother Phil: "Probably would of had another 1/2 *'s, but we had to see that dude's chunky fat ass"

Lei Tzu Tse says: "Give me some of that titty baby!"