Night of the Creeps
Homecoming Night

Year: 1986
Rated: R
Run Time: 88 minutes
Production Company: Tri Star Pictures
Director: Fred Dekker (Robocop 3, The Monster Squad)
Starring: Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow
T & A: Hell Yes?
Energon: Cube

"I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, your dates are here. The bad news is... THEY'RE DEAD!"

What started out as a harmless college prank turns into a gore-splattered nightmare for Chris and J.C. when they attempt to steal a cadaver out of the city's morgue. Little do they realize that the corpse they chose to steal was the cryogenically frozen host to a slithering mass of hideous ALIEN BRAIN PARASITES. Unleashed by Chris and J.C., the extra-terrestrial brain slugs descend upon an alcohol-soaked university campus and proceed to fuck up Homecoming Night for everybody by turning the entire town into an army of murderous space zombies. With the help of the equally alcohol-soaked badass DETECTIVE LANDIS, Chris and J.C. try their damnedest to stop the slimy little bastards from destroying mankind. Armed only with their wits (and the occassional shotgun, flamethrower, or garden tool), our heroes must wade through hordes of bloodthirsty zombie frat boys in order to put an end to the evil alien menace once and for all!

Sound like fun?

Damn right it does. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS not only rocked our hillbilly asses sideways in all its supreme power, but inspired us to create this entire website in the first place! Anyway you look at it, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS is one of the crown jewels of the Bad Movie Kingdom. Every aspect of B-horror that we have come to know and love (with the sole exception of gratuitous nudity- which kept it out of 5 star territory) is represented here in style: an extensive stable of victims, awesome gore, disgusting monster effects, and hysterically funny dialogue all over the place. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS just can't be reccomended enough. It flat out kicks ass. Get on your knees and pay homage to the master: RENT THIS MOVIE NOW.


Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "Cripples, Leeches, Sorority Girls... Nobody does it better."

Z-man: "I laughed. I cried. I shat gold nuggets out of my ass. All thanks to NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!"

El Santo: "Any movie that has alien turds trying to take over your body can't be all that bad!"

Eagle Te: "Without a doubt, a classic not to be missed. The sorority siege scene makes it all worth while!"

Brother Phil: "This one is, after all, our namesake! Any movie that has a zombie dog gets **** automatically!"


Thanks in part to our intense regimen of vitamins, one-armed push ups, and bloody virgin sacrifice here at NOTC HQ, we have been blessed with some information from one of the original "NIGHT OF THE CREEPS" cast members: STEPHEN MARSHALL!!! Stephen played America's favorite obnoxious crippled bastard, "J.C.", whose desperate battle with the alien brain parasites in the bathroom shall go down in history as one of the greatest cinematic moments of the Post-Atomic Age. Comrade Marshall was nice enough to submit to us some freakshow TRIVIA about our namesake, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. Just click on the link below and check out what this old-school freak has to say: