Year: 1993
Rated: Not Rated
Run Time: 90 minutes
Production Company: Norseman Films
Director: Leif Jonker
Starring: Gary Miller, Michael Gisick, Randall Aviks
T & A: (unconfirmed) Hell No
Re: Tard

"Even the dead will scream!"

A dark character comes to town one evening, By morning every man, woman, and child has been turned into a vampire... except one. A young man named Tobe who stood and watched as his friend John shot himself in the head, and a group of convience store shoppers got mauled by a super natural force. Upon escaping from the vampire threat he suits up with a shotgun, a chainsaw (sound farmiliar?), and two-liter bottle of holy water and heads back to town to destroy Liven, the vampire which threatens, not only his home town, but the entire world.
Sound intriging? That's what we thought too, but we were wrong. Filmed on a lovely little Super8 camera, Darkness is a fun filled trip into poor lighting and phenomenal gore effects. It all starts off with a guy running down a dark street away from a unknown force which trails him all the way to a gas station. That's where the fun begins. He tries to convince the people in the store that the world is going to end, and that they've got to escape. But they just don't listen. Soon the guy's chaser catches up to him, and, realizing he's not getting paid for this movie, he shots himself (in an excellent display of blood) in the head. The vampire chasing him then proceeds to kill everybody in the convinence store except for Tobe (our star).
The poor quality film kinda got on our nerves. To the point, in fact, that we stopped watching it about an hour into the film. I went back later and watched the rest myself. And, to my surprise, it was very entertaining.
Gore, gore, gore... the effects are very low budget (and it's pretty obvious they are, hell it's shot on Super8) but they have an excellent quality: gratuitous blood. Scenes of axes and machettes hacking through limbs and heads. Very cool. However they do cop-out a few times by switching to an outside shot of a house while you hear the sounds of them sawing up a house full of vampires instead of showing us the gorey details. And most of the gun effects are rather poor, but all of it is made up for in the coup de grace'... the vampire melting scene. Towards the end of the film all the vampires in town are chasing the three remaining vampire vigilantes. However, it's dawn and the sun is rising. Which means a mass twenty minute scene of the bloodiest, goriest, skin pealin'est, eye-ball meltin'est, skull explodin'est good time I've seen in a while. It compares to some Peter Jackson effects. Seriously... it's good.
I liked it alot more then they did, but you be the judge. If you can handle the Super8 excitement, find it and check it out. And if it gets too slow for you, fast-forward to the end just to see vampire's skin boil. I won't even mention the vampire that got trashed by the Suburbon.

-Mr. Paul

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "You know what I think."

Z-man: "To hell with all this Super 8 bullshit. Like 'The Dead Next Door', Darkness is an example of a flick that COULD HAVE been great if committed to normal film stock... but looks like creamy butterscotch puppy shit as it is. Still, if you can stomach really bad film quality: check it out. There are some good ideas behind this one.;

El Santo: "Spend more money on a real production crew, less on zombie vampires!!! And where's the titty?!"

Eagle Te: "I don't really dig on the whole Super 8 film stuff and I didn't really dig on this! Watching this was like taking the wettest, nastiest shit of your life, wiping your ass....and there's nothing there!! Creepy!!!!"

Brother Phil: "Never saw the end, don't know if I want to bother. Oh, and where's the titty?!"

Ookla the Mok: "It could have been a contender with a larger buget. But it does have lots of gore, and zombie vampires."