Year: 1999
Rated: R
Run Time: 86 minutes
Production Company: ???? ????
Starring:Brenda Bakke, Shari Shattuck, Chad Haynes, and Ken Foree
T & A: Titless Wonder
FATALITY: F , D , F + HP (when close)

"It Ain't No Fun If The Homies Can't Have Nun!"

Ya ever get the feeling that while your friends are acting like they really like you and respect your opinion, in actuality they're slowly and gently bending you over and positioning themselves right behind your ass? Ever want to give someone else that feeling? Tell them to watch Desecration. This film is the Holocaustic reality of someone with a lot of money and no clue. A Psychological Horror for those without functioning Brain Cells. Yet, all in all it wasn't that bad. It just wasn't that bad for all the wrong reasons.

The film starts out, as all shitty Horror films should, with Nuns. Yes, gorgeous, wanton Nuns...and a very special Nun, who can't get her Wick Lit (Don't ask.) But, that's all we see of her, as the real story is on Bobby. Bobby's Mom died mysteriously while Bobby was a little Baby, and Bobby's grandmother sends the boy to a Catholic School. Several years later and Bobby isn't doing too well in school. Nor is he doing well emotionally, as accidental Death and disappearances seem to plague him everywhere he goes. He can't control his bowel movements. He can't control his Toy airplane, and he can't control the plot. And basically, that is all there is to the plot. The movie goes from one Fucked-Up chaotic image to the next, never revealing anything about why it's all happening. And making about as much sense as a 24-year old guy waiting on line at midnight on May 3rd for Star Wars example. The movie had loud obnoxious music that destroys speakers and ear drums, and not even good music just loud screeching sounds. The characters were too much to bear, and each scene left you wondering 'What the Fuck?'

But, it wasn't all that bad??? Well, there are some things that truly made the movie fun...the Lesbian Nun orgy...wait, that was something else. No, was the kills. The fucked up kills, the crazed clowns, the nonsense of it all was a laugh a minute. The constant barrage of (seemingly) disturbing images were a riot. I never laughed so hard. Is it worth renting just for that? Probably not, since the really cool shit happens in the first half an hour, then the writer's scramble to come up with a reason for it all (and miss). It has some things going for it, just not what it wanted to.


Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "Movies like this give me the existential blues. No... maybe that's the demontastic runs... I don't know, but either way it's not a healthy way to spend an afternoon."

Z-man: "When arthouse fags have nightmares, DESECRATION is what they get. This "cerebral horror" flick was pretty much (doctor) doomed the moment it passed into NOTC airspace. And while it didn't turn out to be as excruciating an experience as I had feared, neither was fucking that dead cow in the ass with a pumpkin. The bottom line is this: DESECRATION is an acquired taste, just like menstruating pussy. Not ready to earn your wings just yet? Then stay the fuck away."

Marquis De Sade: "Please Mommy, no more milk today."

And introducing special guest referee....

Frankie Dupont: "I was actually surprised by this one. Any movie that combines nuns, blood, clowns, and Italians can't be all that bad, now can it. I did keep waiting on Matilda to start kicking some serious clown ass, but you can't have everything."