Dr. Giggles
Year: 1992
Rated: R
Run Time: 96 minutes
Production Company: Universal Pictures
Director: Manny Coto
Starring: Holly Marie Combs, Denise Barnes, and Larry Drake as "Dr. Giggles"
T & A: Hell No
Damn: You Ugly

"The Doctor Is Out... Of His Mind!"

Hickory Dickory Dock. You, my friend, can suck my COCK!

And with that, I give you the full DNS enhanced version of my Dr. Giggles review! First let me set the record straight: The reason why I was chosen to write this review was not because of my sexual powers, nor was it because of my gifts with animals. It was, bad as it my be, because I've seen this film TWICE. Now, having said that here goes nothing!


(Flash Back) Basically you have a little boy who used to live with his father (who was a crazy doctor). Anyway, when the father was being attacked/captured by the local Chapter of Cops, he took out some string and preceded to knit up the kid inside of a body! Later the boy cuts himself out and stabs officer Joe in the nads! He goes on to grow up in the crazy house with your local sick freaks!

(Present Day) Dr. Giggles (the boy, you fucking retard) is all grown up now and he escapes from the nut house. He returns to his hometown and begins to kill once again...GREAT, Fucking Great! Anyway, you have your typical group of teens in this town. There is the pretty girl, her boyfriend, their friends who are boyfriend and girlfriend, the local cop who did the father in and the rest of the gang which always includes fathers, mothers, bullies and what not! Dr. Giggles goes about killing, doing his shit, saying his very lame one liners and sucking little boys' cocks when ever he can. That's about it for the plot...


THE GOOD: Nice creative kills for the most part, and if you get that not-so-fresh feeling when you see neddles, this movie should make you quiver...you Fag!

THE BAD: You just about want to axe kick Dr. Giggles everytime he opens his mouth and sez those shitty one liners. Also, his outfit is just outrageous. I mean doesnt he know you can't were white before spring!?!?

THE PETE: This movie will make your ass rotate in all three dimensions. Fortunately, if you can Rocket Jump, you should be o.k.


Yo, check this shit out sucka. I mean, I ain't trying to front ya, but this shit ain't dope at all. Is like, they be player hating, but they aint even down with OPP. Now riddle me this motherfucker, how can that shit be? Nawwwww, see alls I got to say is that if your one eye giant needs a whipping, then rent this shit, if not then go fuck yourself!

El Santo Saz: "Te gusta el doctor loco???"

-El Santo

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "I can't help but imagine Larry Drake as the retarded guy on LA Law... I'm willing to bet that it's the same character. By the way... this movie kind of sucks. Staring at it's screen is analagous (that's a $10 word meaning: 'the same as') to staring into the bright white light that is reflected off the skin off your mama's fat ass. Stay away."

Z-man: "While it did have a few moments of guts and glory, DOCTOR GIGGLES got annoying quick. The doctor himself was one of those obnoxious killers who has to drop a one liner after every murder- and that fucking sucks. The writers of his 'witty comments' deserve to be drug out into the street and have their meat harpooned. Instead of cramming DR. GIGGLES into your VCR, why not do something productive- like cram the muzzle of a 12 gauge up your ass and squeeze the trigger with your toe?"

Eagle Te: "I HATE THIS FUCKING MOVIE! While a few of the kills are funny, they are nullified by the fact that you have to sit through everyone of Dr.Giggles' excruciating one liners. And believe me, they DO suck! It's like watching a day long merathon of Bob Saget intros to America's Funniest Home Videos...SHITTY!"


General Zod: "Using a psychotic doctor as the killer grants too much opportunity for bad one-liners, and that's why this movie is one and a half hours too long. Four out of five doctors agree: An apple a day fuck you suck shit"