Evil Ed
Year: 1996
Rated: Not Rated
Run Time: 93 minutes
Production Company: A-pix Entertainment, Inc.
Director: Anders Jacobsson
Starring: Olaf Rhodin, Johan Rudebeck, Cecilia Ljung
T & A: Hell Yes
That's: Your Ass

"Det ar egentligen inget fel pa Edward, till den dag han gar los med censursaxen..."

Imagine, if you will, a dark and secluded chamber filled with Lusty Vampire Women, Razor Blades, Rusty Chainsaws, and Ancient Samurai Soliders resurrected in the name of SATAN!!!!!! Well, folks... in this film you won't find any of that Ass Kicking Kung-Fu action, instead you'll be treated to a half ass plot, a pitiful excuse for horror, and a sore ass AFTER I KICK YOU IN IT FOR RENTING THIS CRAP!!

So why did we rent this crap? I really don't know. Actually, my mind was clouded cause two EXTREMELY HOT Lesbian women came into the rental store and my mind was busy "Understanding" them. You see, one was more of the dominating type, while the other was more of the Catholic school girl type. Either way, El Santo sez: THEY BOTH NEED TO BE DISCIPLINED BY ME!!! Heh Heh.

However, there were a couple of things that keep this one off the Shit List... Like:

1) The countless movie posters that hung on the wall, including: The Fly, Friday the 13th, and Scooby Doo, Where are You???

2)The HOT ASS extras that walked around in the background, they definitely filled our need for titty!!


3) The dubbed in voices, they made the shitty plot, bareable, but just barely!!

Oh well... As a word of advice, I have this to say: RENT SOMETHING ELSE!!!

-El Santo

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "Ouch."

Z-man: "Leave it to those crazy Swedish fuckers to make a movie like Evil Ed. If it wasn't for the insanely funny dubbing job on this one, I'd like nothing more than to dropkick their Prime Minister down the steps. "

El Santo: "DAMN! I spent my Saturday night watching this shit?"

Eagle Te: "Unless you seriously dig on the Troma flicks, stay away from this fart from beyond! A few genuinely funny moments, but not worth the buck fifty you'll probably shell out for it! El Santo must have smoked a fat bowl before he chose this one!!!"

The characters and events in this motion picture are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons living, dead, undead, living dead, re-animated or resurrected is purely coincidental.