From Beyond
H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond

Year: 1986
Rated: R
Run Time: 85 minutes
Production Company: Empire Pictures / Taryn Prov
Director: Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Dolls, Castle Freak)
Starring: Jeffery Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree(Of 'Dawn of the Dead' Fame!!!), Ted Sorel
T & A: Hell Yes
Like a: Gingerbreadman

"Humans Are Such Easy Prey"

Enter Dr. Edward Pretorius: world reknowned metaphysicist, horny sado-masochist, and twisted genius. From his extensive laboratory suite located within a gothic hilltop mansion, he has perfected his scientific masterpiece: an arcane device known as THE RESONATOR. By stimulating the pineal gland in the fore of the human brain with the aid of the Resonator, Dr. Pretorius and his assistant Dr. Tillinghast hope to open the mind of man to higher dimensions of conciousness. However, on the fateful night the switch on the Resonator is thrown: things go horribly wrong. Extra-dimensional creatures that defy description appear and immediately attack the scientists: horribly wounding Dr. Tillinghast and decapitating the sinister Dr. Pretorius. When the police arrive to investigate, Dr. Tillinghast is immediately incarcirated in a local sanitarium and suspected of perpetrating the gruesome murder. Shortly thereafter, the ambitious female psychologist Dr. McMichaels decides that she can get to the bottom of Dr. Tillinghast's dementia by 'returning him to the scene of the incident to recreate the series of events that led up to his madness'. With the aid of the big ass linebacker-turned-cop Leroy 'Bubba' Brown (played by the incredible Ken Foree: Peter Washington of DAWN OF THE DEAD), the female psychologist and the paranoid mental patient Dr. Tillinghast return to the eerie mansion laboratory of Dr. Pretorius. However, no amount of scientific expertise or law enforcement experience can prepare these three when THE ENTITY FORMERLY KNOWN AS DR. PRETORIUS makes his return appearance. It seems that death was just the beginning for Dr. Pretorius. His head, apparently transported to another dimension when that freaky alien fucker bit it off, somehow 'evolved' into an unearthly mass of heaving flesh with God-like powers. So now, the foul monstrosity that was once Dr. Pretorius tries to force his way into our dimension by any means neccessary: whether that means using his influence to turn the demure Dr. McMichaels into a leather-clad nymphomaniac bondage slut(!), mutating Dr. Tillinghast into a brain sucking cannibal freak(!), or unleashing a horde of extra-dimensional nasties upon the house that try to tear Bubba's poor ass apart!

Mere words just betray the unholy splendor that is FROM BEYOND. This is one of my personal favorites here on the site- and let me tell you: it is 300 pounds of whompin' stompin' badass. Everything about this movie just seems to click perfectly. The movie has tons of truly nauseating special effects (the mutated pineal gland that pokes out of a oozing wound in the forehead for feeding is damn nasty), plenty of hysterical dialogue, plenty of weird ass monsters that leap out at every turn, and a wonderful little plot convention that the presence of the 'unearthly transmissions' from the Resonator make everyone horny as hell. The victim base, although relatively small for the larger part of the film (consisting of the three intrepid investigators) has wonderful chemistry together- and its genuinely hilarious to see them react to the trans-dimensional powers of Dr. Pretorius and his minions. This movie is about as solid as they get, folks. A true juggernaut of the genre that is overshadowed by many less worthy horror films.

However, I must give huge props to Re-Animator star Jeremy Combs' character in From Beyond: Dr. Tillinghast. This poor bastard has got to be one of the most abused and mistreated heroes in all of horror filmdom. Rivaling the Evil Dead Trilogy's Ash character for all the shit he takes.... Throughout the course of 85 minutes, Dr. Tillinghast is stabbed, beaten, electrocuted, burned, blown up by dynamite, has all his hair fall out, put into a coma, has his face bitten by space slugs, thrown down the steps, decapitated, partially digested by a giant toothed worm monster, slapped by a mutant space bat, hit with flying glass, tackled, mutated, forced to eat brains, stung by swarms of space bees, has his titties burnt, gets his pineal gland bitten off after it pokes out itself out of his forehead, gets his shoulder dislocated in an armbar, and swallowed whole by the heaving flesh of an extra-dimensional super demon. Whew.

Like Re-Animator? Well, you'll love this mean bastard. A simply incredible film... and one of the best that Night of the Creeps has to offer.


Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "Those faint of heart need not apply. This flick is sick, twisted, and awesome. Come One, Come All!"

Z-man: "Guaranteed to light a small fire in your grandma's panties!"

El Santo: "Floating fish and electric bees kill people becasue they move or stand in the light. Ahhhhh..... You figure it out!"

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