Killer Tongue

Year: 1999
Rated: R
Run Time: 98 minutes
Production Company: A PIX ENTERTAINMENT
Director: Alberto Sciamma
Starring: Jason Durr, Galeb Duhr, Robert Englund, London England
T & A: All Quiet On The Western Cunt
Give me some of that: Titty Baby


Every once in a great while we are treated to such wonderful film footage, such ground breaking techniques, and even stellar dramatic performances that a movie just makes you sit back and say "OH DAMN!" Well, This movie has none of that. Instead it features Gay Porn. Yes, I've warned you in advance, this movie features gay porn. It sucks Cock... No, I mean it really sucks cock. OK, Here is the shit of what the movies about:

This movie is about a this chick and this guy who rob a bank. The guy is caught and forced to go to jail where Freddy (robert englund) awaits him. Meanwhile, his babe hides out as a nun named Candy. Well, this alien shit flies out of the sky and lands in this chick's soup. She eats that shit and she becomes a a demon or something. A very special gay moment comes to pass when all of her poodles turn into gay men who walk around sniffing each others' asses.

How does this Gay filled orgy of love end? I don't know, we turned it off about a third of the way through. Why does this review suck ass? Cause the Movie literally sucked ass!! You all also deserve to get stomped in the face if any of you guys rent this shit. If you even think about renting this flick then you're GAY! Hell, you're probably already gay cause you read this review. You FUCKING GAY BASTARD!

Now, let's get away from this movie and discuss where the real Evil lies for such Gay filth. It lies with A-PIX entertainment. THOSE GUYS ARE TRULY BASTARDS. I'D LOVED TO RIP OUT THE COCK OF THE DIRECTOR SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS SO HE'D HAVE TO PISS WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN. A-PIX has always Sucked Cock and why I keep trying to watch their shit infested films, I don't know. But please, if you love really good horror, and you hate really bad Gay Porn, please follow me in boycotting all of A-PIX's films. Don't watch any of them. We have yet to see one that hasn't ended up on the SHIT LIST. They have all sucked cock. I beg of you, our legions of devoted NOTC fans, follow us on this righteous crusade against A-PIX Films. So remember, if the box says A-PIX: take a shit on it and put it back on the shelf.

El Santo Saz: "One gay male ass, is too many gay asses for me!"


Our Rating System

Z-man: "You know, I wondered why they asked to see my ID when I rented KILLER TONGUE on my card. I guess they just wanted to see what sort of retard would willingly subject himself to this horse-fucking carnival of pain. Damnation. A PIX ENTERTAINMENT has done it again. Just when you thought they couldn't possibly get any fucking worse, along comes this homosexual jurassic ass fest. According to the back of the box, 'KILLER TONGUE breaks all the rules of filmmaking'. What the box didn't tell you is that KILLER TONGUE also broke wind all over your face when you were asleep during the summer of 1989. Didn't you ever wonder why all the other campers called you Gas Face?"

Eagle Te: ""

El Santo: "It's like taking milk from a goat, except with your MOUTH!!!"

Merciful Buddha!