Leprechaun 4: In Space

Year: 1996
Rated: R
Run Time: 96 minutes
Production Company: Vidmark Entertainment
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith (Night of the Demons 2, Dead End Drive-In, BMX Bandits)
Starring:Debbie Dunning, Rebekah Carlton, Jessica Collin, and Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun
T & A: Hell Yes (Space Titties +2)
Jingle: Jam

"One Small Step For Man...
One Giant Leap For TERROR!"

Anyone who has been an ardent follower of the Eagle Te movie reviews will know that me and short people just don't get along. First of all, they're short. Second of all, they smell like ass. Third, a gang of angry midget professional wrestlers smacked me with my Hostess Snack Pie during lunch in middle school and then proceeded to toss my crumpled form around to each other as they repeatedly hammered my spine with crushing backbreakers (hey, kiss my ass...I was still weak and only a kung fu apprentice and damn it, my controller didn't work!). I can still feel the sting of that cherry pie filling in my eye and ever since then I have vowed to avenge my wounded spirit by smacking around short bastards wherever they may be! So obviously, when we rented Leprecaun 4: In Space, I was in a hostile frame of mind and this flick had little chance of getting a fair shake from the likes of me. Surprisingly, however, Leprecaun 4 ended up being one of the BEST flicks that we have sat through here at NOTC and certainly one of the most consistently entertaining! Why such a strong endorsement? Well read on, slave, and find out!

SO what's the plot? I know what you're thinking, it's called Leprecaun 4: In Space...what possible plot could this have? Shows how little you know, because it just so happens that our little Leprecaun has decided to pursue a life of leisure by wooing the princess of Dominia into marrying him and thus allowing him to attain unimaginable riches as he will be ruler of his own planet! His plans are upset, however, by the arrival of a hard core group of Space Marines who proceed to blow the Lepracaun apart and rescue the princess. THe lepracaun manages to regenerate himself and proceeds to battle the Space Marines aboard their spaceship to reunite himself with the princess and realize his dreams of glory!

OK, right now you're probably looking at that plot summary and thinking how completely lame and rididculous this movie sounds...and you're RIGHT! Make no mistake, people, this movie doesn't have a serious bone in it's body...and WE LOVE IT! This movie almost defies description as it has an almost uncountable number of ridiculous and hilarious scenes that happen so fast you barely have time to recover from the last one! One of the best in the movie occurs when, after blowing the lepracuan into a thousand pieces, Kowalski decides to pay his respects to his dead enemy as all good marines do...by pissing on the corpse! Big mistake, friend, as the spirit of the lepracaun shoots out of the corpse and into his cock! Besides being one of the funniest scenes, it's priceless effect is amplified even more when later on in the movie, as the marines are relaxing aboard the space ship in the discotech chamber (I'm not kidding...there is a disco chamber on the fucking ship!!!), we are greeted with Kowalski recieving the dirty dancing experience of his life as Private Delores Costello (it's Debbie Dunning, that hot ass Home Improvement girl with the crazy huge tits...Te has spent many a night dreaming of bending her over the wood saw and knocking a few splinters into those ample jugs...aaaahhhhh!) and you haven't seen a hotter dance than her in Laura Croft gear doing the forbidden dance! Anyway, Kowalski is obviously very turned on by this and they proceed to go to a secluded part of the ship to continue the dance...only this time horizontally! But wait, let us not forget that ol Leprecaun is hiding in the old boner! What follows as he gets a boner is almost as hilarious as the exploding stomach scene in Slaughter High as the Leprecaun proceeds to come out of his cock...regenerated and ready to exact revenge! Trust Te, rent this movie if only for this scene as the look on his face is nothing short of priceless!

There is so much more in this movie, that it just can't all fit within the confines of this limited review...but we cannot end without a proper tribute to Miguel Nunez Jr. WHO? I should smack the corn flakes out your mouth...how could you ask, who? Miguel happens to be the kick ass actor who has starred in dozens of cheap ass horror movies that we love and adore, such as Return of the Living Dead, Carnosaur 2 (ok, so we didn't like that one...but it wasn't his fault, damn it!), and this one as well! No one has a better look of pure terror, or reacts with better dialogue in panic situations then this man and he is definitely in rare form in this one as he has all sorts of crazy shit happen to him! The best scene is when the genetic mutation monster creeps up behind him and he exclaims, "What the fuck happened to YOU?!" Later, he saves the ship WHILE being caught up in the evil monster's flesh web and if that doesn't deserve MVP, then I don't know what does!

Make no mistake, however, Leprecaun 4 does have it's drawbacks. The most glaring is the lameness of Leporecaun's comments, but his comments have always been lame so there is nothing new here. Also the Master Sargeant's drag scene was pretty excruciating, but these are minor complaints in what is otherwise a kick ass flick with TONS of stupid ass cheap horror movie humor! The dialogue is great as is the complete and utter lack of shame by the director as he blatantly rips off scene after scene from some of the best sci fi flicks out there! Need more...Leprecaun turns into a GIANT and there is tons of cheap ass computer generated graphics that PUT YOU THERE...IN THE MOVIE!!! EAGLE TE DEFINITELY APPROVES!

-Eagle Te

Our Rating System

Z-man: "I'm sure a lot of you out there right now are scratching your heads over our beaming praise for LEPRECHAUN 4: IN SPACE. Well, I'm scratching MY head. My DICK HEAD. This movie gave me crabs."

Eagle Te: "While putting up with the Leprecaun's lame ass comments is like having to swallow fire straight from Gandhi's asshole, the rest of the movie is nothing short of top notch as the presence of Miguel Nunez Jr. (in one of his cheesiest and best performances as STICKS), funny ass dialogue, and priceless scenes will have you rolling in excruciating pain yet beging for more! RENT IT NOW!"

El Santo: "Why can't the NES system come up with a damn Leprecaun game??? Just think you could have secret passages and codes that could unlock the mysteries of the ancient pot of gold. Or you could Get the XXX version and watch naked little men run up and down your fat ass!!!! Pooh on you!!!"