Lurking Fear
Year: 1994
Rated: R
Run Time:A mercifully short 76 minutes
Production Company: Full Moon Entertainment
Director: C. Courtney Joyner (Trancers 3: Deth Lives!)
Starring: Jeffery Combs, Jon Finch, Ashley Laurence
T & A: Hell No
Cuddle Bear: Womb Tomb

"That Which We Don't Know Can Eat Us."

Life pretty much sucks ass in the dismal little town of Leffert's Corners. The town has been plagued by an undead horde of otherworldly monsters for years, and everybody who hasn't taken it upon themselves to get the fuck out of dodge has been justifiably massacred. However, there are a few stalwart (I call them insane) individuals who still reside in Leffert's Corners: one of whom is a zombie-hating, gun toting, screaming she-bitch commando who plans on avenging her murdered sister by blowing up the city's cemetary with dynamite in an effort to silence the undead menace. Then there's the tragic and tortured genius of Dr. Haggis (played by Re-Animator's one and only JEFFERY COMBS), Leffert's Corners only medical doctor, who has seen all of his patients systematically slaughtered by zombie-like ghouls for a number of years now. As a result, the good doctor has turned to the toxic embrace of the sour mash... and when not stumbling around drunker than hell, he takes it upon himself to freak out when the monsters attack. Finally, we have our "hero": John Martense. Fresh out of the slammer, John makes his way to Leffert's Corners in an effort to claim his family inheritance by digging up an old corpse in the local cemetary that has been stuffed with cash by his old bank robbin' father long ago.

Needless to say, we all realize that our stalwart band of heroes is going to get righteously fucked up by the considerable undead presence in Leffert's Corners... but when a crazed team of high-profile criminals follow John to town in an effort to collect the money for themselves- things go from bad to worse. What ensues is a nightmarish siege situation as our heroic trio is stuck inside an ancient church with a pregnant woman(?) and a gang of vicious killers, with flesh ripping undead nasties lurking about outside. Oh, the horror! According to the back of the box: "NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU FOR THE BLOOD SOAKED, PULSE POUNDING FINALE!"

Oh Really?

I 'd be willing that a good many things can prepare you for the "bloodsoaked, pulse pounding finale" to the Commodore 64 style giga-fuck that is LURKING FEAR. Beating off in the broom closet to the tune of Bananarama's "CRUEL SUMMER", perhaps? Or maybe playing with your KARATE FIGHTERS while intoxicated? The finale (just like the rest of the damn movie) licked crack. Just when I was actually beginning to think that Jeffery Combs (the powerhouse freak of such classics as FROM BEYOND and RE-ANIMATOR) could do no wrong... he surfaces in this stinker. Granted, Jeffery Combs is pretty amusing in this film (even for the portion where all of his intestines are intact).. but UGH! This movie is so much like the other teflon-coated turds that creep out of FULL MOON VIDEO's ass from time to time. They generally look fairly decent and have some nice special effects in them- but there is just something fundamentally WRONG with all of them. For some reason there's some underlying force that makes all Full Moon Videos shitty. We haven't determined exactly why this is, but many of us here at Night of the Creeps blame it all on that Jack Deth fucker. In any case- LURKING FEAR is by far a hazardous video pick at the very least. The back of the box lends the viewer to believe that the whole damn town is being assaulted by an army of zombies.... but in fact THERE IS ONLY ONE ZOMBIE ON THE LOOSE FOR 99% OF THE FILM! Am I the only one that said "What the fuck!?!" at this? Granted.... the single zombie was pretty cool looking.... and I guess for all his combat savvy he could be rated as a "ONE MAN ZOMBIE ARMY".... kind of like a zombie Rambo... but still- shit: it blew. When we finally did get to see the notorious zombie mob it turned out that they weren't even zombies to begin with. Instead, they were some sort of stupid albino mutants that belonged to some corrupt gene pool or something (that John just *happens* to belong to). The heroes proceed to get thrown down into the catacombs and into some sort of bullshit Zombie Family Reunion. Dear God... isn't that enough to scare you away?

Still... to be fair, there are a handful of cool effects and some funny scenes (like where a person gets folded in half and pulled through an air vent by a pseudo-zombie beast or when Jeffery Combs gets his organs pulled out, thus ruining his nicely pressed shirt) and some funny ideas in this thing. But, like all things Full Moon- this movie is destined to completely squander all potential it once had. Consider yourself warned.


Our Rating System

Z-man: "O.K., listen... I realize that there are some of you nutcases out there who actually like FULL MOON VIDEOS and consider them really entertaining and great representatives of the modern horror genre. Well, on a personal level, I'd like to invite those people to suck my dick. Its frustrating to see a movie like Lurking Fear that has so much potential get completely ruined like this."

El Santo: " This movie says that an army of zombies battles it out in an epic conclusion...but what you get is one zombie fighting in a pitiful conclusion! El Santo says: 'I'd like to dropkick this movie!'"

It hurts all of us to see great works from H.P. Lovecraft turned into shithouse cinema like CTHULHU MANSION and LURKING FEAR by people like Full Moon Video. Instead of swearing off Lovecraft forever... why not rent the classic Re-Animator or the excellent From Beyond? Or better yet, why not get off your pringle eating ass and go visit the most righteous H.P. LOVECRAFT ARCHIVES by clicking on the link below? Father Cthulhu will thank you for it... then eat your brain!