Mountaintop Motel Massacre

Year: 1986
Rated: R
Run Time: 95 minutes
Production Company: New World
Director: Jim McCullough (Video Murders, The Aurora Encounter, The St. Tammany Miracle)
Starring: Anna Chappell, Bill Thurman, James Bradford
T & A: Hell Yes
Sonic: Boom

"Please Don't Disturb Evelyn... She Already Is!"

Now here's a flim the whole family can enjoy!! It's got an old slut of a mother who gets released from the looney bin, goes back to her...MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL, and hacks up her daughter because she's been acting like a Bitch or a Witch, one of the two. Then she opens up the hotel and the guests start to arrive:

1.) Loser with two sluts--- He's basically your typical geek/loser, but he pretends to be a Hip-Hop D.J./ Producer and he gets these two girls to suck his COCK...Well, not really, but he does get then to sing "We are the World" or something. But happily enough they all get killed. One even gets it while taking a shit!!!!

2.) Just Married--- Some cheap ass guy takes his cheap ass wife and makes half ass love to her. However, He does get a nasty snake bite and and his bitch ass wife cries!!!

3.) The COCKroach King--- Born in the ghetto, raised in the hood, this no shit taking Mother Fucker knows how to KILL. While sleeping and dreaming of KFC Value meals, Mr. Roach fights off hordes of roaches!! His shoe wielding techniques lay waste to the pitiful roaches!!!

All this, plus more!!!!

El Santo Sez: I had a lot of fun watching it, But I don't know why!

-El Santo

Our Rating System

Z-man: "I actually thought this one was surprisingly entertaining. I warn you: it's cheaper than hell... but there's just some underlying creepiness that makes it work. Watch out for those damn cockroaches! AUCK!!!"

El Santo: "This movie is like that guy you knew in high school: it's not good enough to get fucked by a hot cheerleader, but not bad enough to be left with his dick in his hand come Saturday Night!!!"

Eagle Te: "Really a strange film that leaves Eagle Te perplexed! I can't figure out if I liked it or just managed to suffer through it!! You might want to crack open a fortune cookie for guidance on whether or not to rent this cheap turd!!!!"