Night of the Demons
a.k.a. Halloween Party

Year: 1988
Run Time: 92 minutes
Production Company: Republic Pictures Home Video
Director: Kevin S. Tenney (Witchboard, Witchboard 2: Devil's Doorway, The Cellar)
Starring: Linnea Quigley (HELL YEAH), Amelia Kinkade, Hal Havins
T & A: Hell Yes

"Angela is Having a Party, Jason & Freddy Are Too Scared To Come...
But You'll Have a Hell of a Time"

Are you ready for hardcore fuckin'? How about some partying teenage flesh chased and devoured by the spirits of the damned? If the answer is YES, then you are definitely ready for the instant horror classic that is Night of the Demons! Why such strong support for this film? Try the fact that this flick is damn near a perfect horror flick as it is chock full of awesome teenage characters, a shit load of funny kills, and more importantly, more nudity than a Roman orgy! All of this equals bad movie heaven as any serious bad horror movie fans knows and Night of the Demons definitely qualifies as such and is a treat that should be enjoyed by all with an appreciation for such sweet filth as this. Before I get into the specifics of how this movie will have your head spinning faster than that Ho on 42nd Street that dresses up like Evil Lynn, here is a quick plot synopsis for you:

The local high school goth named Angela decides it would be fun to hold a Halloween party at an abandoned local funeral parlor that is rumored to be possessed by the spirits of those who were brutally murdered there many years ago. Once the demons start possessing the hapless teens the party really gets started as the demon possessed teens start to dispatch their friends in a variety of clever and insulting ways. Pretty soon only the virginal Judy (the chick who played JR's young second wife on Dallas...Hey, kiss my ass, you damn right Eagle Te watches Dallas as it was Larry Hagman's pimp ass ways on that show that helped me to develop my own style of Fuck Fu) and her black friend Roger are left alive to try to survive until morning and escape the clutches of the demons whose ranks expand with each victim they claim!

If the plot alone doesn't excite the living hell out of you, then maybe a few of the reasons why this movie kicks so much ass that I am about to share with you will convince you of the pressing need for you to see this gem of a horror movie. First of all, there is nudity galore in this flick as Linnea Quigley (the dance with the dead chick from Return of the Living Dead) bares all once again and imparts quite a lovely bush shot for all to admire. Not to mention the fact that one of those incredible nude scenes is when she is possessed and dispatches our favorite character in the entire movie, Stooge. The look on his face when she reveals herself as a demon and pushes a tube of lipstick into her nipple is funny as hell and will have you shrieking with laughter in no time...kind of like the time the animatronic Chucky E Cheez shorted out and picked up General Zod by the nuts and powerbombed him off the Altered Beast arcade machine. Trust Te, the titties swing shamelessly in this one! Another aspect of the film that elevates it above a lot of its competitors is the nearly perfect cast of characters and their accompanying dialogue which is simply first rate! Stooge stands out the most as his comments will often have you reaching for the remote to hit that by now worn out rewind button! Roger also stands out as it his facial expressions and warp speed escapes that make so much of the movie entertaining! No mention of Night of the Demons would be complete, however, with out mentioning the utter disregard for shame that this movie displays throughout. Be it nudity, funny ass kills, or just plain funny dialogue, Night of the Demons pulls out all the stops and roars along at full throttle for the entire movie and doesn't stop till the credits stop rolling! Take it from Te (your girlfriend already has!), this movie will not disappoint as it is one of the funniest ever reviewed by our staff here at Night of the Creeps! One word of warning, ONLY CHECK OUT THE UNRATED VERSION as this one is superior to any other version! EAGLE TE APPROVES!!!!!!

-Eagle Te

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul:"Nice blend of death and titties. Try it on for size then be embarrassed because you don't fit."

Z-Man:"A nonstop onslaught of 12 gauge titties makes Night of the Demons an instant hardcore classic! Great setting, great pool of 80s victims, and great shots of Linnea Quigley's satanic she-bush. Toot! Toot! All hands on dick! "

Eagle Te: "Easily one of the funniest films out there and will have you laughing harder than that time the red Teletubbie got raped by the Green Abobo in Double Dragon!"

El Santo: "If I Had known titties could have done thet things they do in this movie, I'd probably be gay!!!""

General Zod: "Pending"