Vengeance: The Demon

Year: 1988
Rating: R
Runtime: 86 minutes
Production House: Lion Films
Directed: Stan Winston (Terminator 2 3-D, Ghosts, A Gnome Named Gnorm)
Starring: Lance Henriksen, Jeff East, Cynthia Bain
T & A: Hell No
Rattle: Me Bones

"For Each of Man's Evils A Special Demon Exists."

A would-be holiday in the boondocks goes right down the shitter when a group of mild-mannered teenage dirt bikers manage to accidentally kill a local farmer's young son with their motorcycles. The teens try to flee the scene of the crime in an attempt to evade the law... but when the anguished farmer turns to the aid of a local SWAMP WITCH and her vile demon of vengeance PUMPKINHEAD- life for the teens rapidly turns into an orgy of death and dismemberment. Yeeee-Hawww!
PUMPKINHEAD truly shines in the creature department. Stan Winston (who's FX accolades include work on ALIENS, TERMINATOR I & II, PREDATOR, and JURASSIC PARK) personally designed the movie's namesake- and it shows: the demon kicks ass. The story is relatively engaging (!) up until the point where the whining pack of teenagers get trapped in an isolated log cabin and have to fight off the demon's assaults. This is where PUMPKINHEAD turns into a classic 'siege movie' and the real fun begins. The only real gripe with PUMPKINHEAD is that the stable of victims is just too small- being only seven or so teens- so the deaths seem rather sparse. Still, PUMPKINHEAD is a damn fun movie to rent with the gang.


Our Rating System

Z-man: "A redneck swamp witch summons a demon to get revenge on a group of horny teenagers? HELL YES! Awesome creature effects!"

Eagle Te: "I loved the movie... but the body count definitely left something to be desired!"