H.P. Lovecraft's Re-Animator

Year: 1985
Rating: Not Rated (there's also an R rated one, see the NR if you can)
Runtime: 95 minutes (NR); 86 minutes (R)
Production House: Empire Pictures / Vestron Video
Directed: Stuart Gordon (From Beyond, Castle Freak, Dolls, Fortress, Robot Jox)
Starring: Jeffery Combs, Bruce Abbot, Barbara Crampton
T & A: Hell Yes
Now That's What I Call: Fancy

"Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders- and another one in a dish on his desk."

Humble Miskatonic University student DAN CAIN and his girlfriend are wrapped up in a bizarre series of stomach churning experiments to raise the dead when Dan's roomate turns to be the diabolical DR. HERBERT WEST in this adaptation of the classic short story by H.P. LOVECRAFT. Armed with his new wonder drug, known as "RE-AGENT", Dr. West will stop at nothing to continue his disgusting work: even murder. Even though RE-ANIMATOR has a strong emphasis on humor- rest assured that once the dead are brought back to life, there will be plenty of hot guts a flyin'!

Excellent gore work throughout the movie, great cheesy-ass dialogue, and the fact that the characters get their asses kicked by a ZOMBIE CAT in Dan's basement combine to make "RE-ANIMATOR" one of the classic splatter gems of the 80s. Any fools who have not seen this flick and still consider themselves to be true connoiseurs of B-Horror deserve to have their skulls kicked in by skinheads. Rent it today!


Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "Exquisite... the headless tour of the poor girl's anatomy is the type of thing that dreams are made of."

Z-man: "A heavy classic! A shining gem of the genre, and one that deserves to be witnessed by all. Get off your ass and RENT IT NOW!"

Brother Phil: "Bad Ass flick! I only wish that the "head" boss went bowling with his head!"

Eagle Te: "For sick fucks only!!! The headless tour of the cute blonde's bearded clam is something that will never be forgotten. Sigh..."

Ookla The Mok: "Not only is this a great flick, but I give it an extra half star for making it to DVD. The review of the disc will be up shortly"

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