Sleepaway Camp
Nightmare Vacation
Year: 1983
Rated: R
Run Time: 88 minutes
Production Company: American Eagle Films /United Film Distribution
Director: Robert Hilzitk
Starring: Mike Kellin, Christopher Collet, Felissa Rose
T & A: Oh shit... I'd say so
I Prefer: Syrup

"A Nice Place For Summer Vacation. A Perfect Place To Die!"

What do you get when you cross a boy with a little girl? Three great movies with the title SLEEPAWAY CAMP! Yes folks, tonight, I will grace you with my version of the first of these classics: the original Sleepaway Camp movie!

Well, this movie really has two purposes; one is to provide the viewer with lots of good, fun-loving killing. The other is to set up the remaining two movies in this series. You see, unlike other horror flicks, Sleepaway camp follows in the tradition of Friday the 13th in that it uses the first movie to develop its killer. Most horror movies will just have a "Flash Back" scene which takes place at a graveyard or a mental institution! Now, I'm not knocking that style of horror, for it has given me plenty to laugh at. However, true classics make their killers- and much like Halloween and Friday the 13th, the original Sleepaway camp provides us with this type of horror. This having been said, the original Sleepaway Camp is nothing like anything I've ever seen!!!

The movies goes a little like this: A little girl by the name of Angela goes to camp. At camp she is made fun of and teased by the other campers! Nothing scary right? Wrong you greased turd, for Angela has had a very SPECIAL childhood! She was lucky enough to have two DADS!!! Yeah, this basically fucked her up really bad!! She has reoccurring dreams of her two fathers fucking in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their head! This, and the fact that they treated her "differently" while growing up, has caused Angela to build up a lot of tension! Well, she decides to take this out on the campers and the mayhem ensues! The killing isn't that great, but the creepy feeling you get throughout the movie makes it alot of fun!!! And the End, Shit! All I can say is that it's some fucked up shit!!!! You find out a little too much about Angela!!!

Over all, Sleepaway Camp is a really classic film that may lack a little in the horror/ killing aspect, but more then makes up for it in the character development and the horror mood that this movie creates! Plus, it sets up the next two classic hits in this series, that are filled with plenty of titty, action, and killing! So enjoy this flick, and see the other two when you're done!

El Santo Sez: "The ending will fuck you up, cause it can!!!!"

-El Santo

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "The overall film quality and kill shots left something to be desired... but make no mistake, this film will leave you breathless and boweless. The beginning is shocking. The middle is shocking. The end is totally fucked up. This is a flim that shouldn't be missed by any die hard fan. It'll leave huddled in the corner crying for mama. Enjoy!"

Z-man: "Don't be surprised if the first hour of SLEEPAWAY CAMP seems drier than Grandma's gootch. It's VERY slow moving at times, and the kills aren't exactly mesmerizing. However, the ending of Sleepaway Camp is practically worth three stars BY ITSELF. It's an ending that is waaaaay to good for a flick like this! Creepy as shit- and worth the price of a rental alone! "

El Santo: "This is truly a classic film, with lots of what your looking for!!! And when your done with this flick, check out the other two!!!"

Eagle Te: "A truly disturbing flick that left Eagle Te speechless at the end!!! Rent this NOW as you cannot consider yourself a sick fuck until you have seen the end of this movie!! A great original followed by even better sequels!!!"