Slaughter High

Year: 1986
Rated: R
Run Time: 88 minutes
Production Company: First Independent Films
Director: George Dugdale
Starring: Caroline Munro, Simon Scuddamore, Carmine Iannaccone
T & A: Hell Yes
Power: Up

"Marty Majored In Cutting Classmates."

Probably one of the best films that has ever been watched by our goofy asses, Slaughter High grabs you by the balls right away and doesn't let go until the credits start rolling! The plot is very straightforward and any one who grew up in the heyday of horror films in the 80s will recognize it right away. The film starts off with a young, shy nerd by the name of Marty being lured into a hellish prank by the prospect of meeting the prettiest girl in school (who he naturally has a hopeless crush on) in the gym locker room for a bout of hot and horny shower sex. Following her blindly, he is convinced to disrobe and get in the shower to await his dream girl. The comments and painful stupidity of Marty make the bad movie fan giggle with glee as they await the onslaught of the cruel prank. What ensues is an awfully funny attack on the naked Marty as he is carried kicking and screaming by the school jocks and dunked repeatedly in the toilet, all the while having his humiliation videotaped by a cackling jock who provides commentary to the type of cruel prank that we all know we laughed at in middle and high school. Does this mean that such cruelty and humiliation of our fellow students is only funny so long as it happens to someone else? DAMN TOOTIN' IT DOES!!!! Now that Marty has been hopelessly emasculated in front of his true love, manhandled nude by a group of screaming jocks, and been slam dunked in a urine and shit stained high school gym toilet, do you think they stop there? Did you stop in middle school when you tripped up the small shy nerd in the hallway or hit him in the head with a greasy tater tot at lunch? How bout when you made fun of his welfare check mama, his hand me down Chuck Ts and Masters of the Universe T-Shirt? HELL NO AND NEITHER DO THEY!!!!! They now strike a nerd where it hurts the most (no, they didn't burn his authentic Captain Kirk Starfleet Admiral's uniform)..... they fuck with his chemistry experiment!!! GOD......THE HORROR!!!!!!! The results this time are hardly amusing (for Marty at least!!) as when he mixes a chemical with his spiked chemical a massive explosion occurs that horribly disfigures Marty! Naturally, the jocks feel a smidgen of remorse....but soon get over it and proceed to engage in America's favorite teenage passtime: chemically induced inebreation and fornication....YEAH!!!!! The movie then shifts to about 5- 10 years later when only the participents of the prank find themselves trapped in the abandoned high school after being lured there by a bogus reunion notice. What insues is a night of terror as they are each eliminated by a never ending series of deadly traps that not only kill his tormentors, it flat out humiliates them!!!!

Now that you have a good idea what the film is about, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND RENT THIS FILM!!! Eagle Te does not often beg, but I'll swallow my Shaolin pride and grovel with you to do yourself a huge favor and check this out!!! This is probably my favorite film out there on the list and it at least stands toe to toe with anything else out there!!! The kills in this flick are top notch and funny as hell. Nearly every one is worthy of at least a couple of rewinds and two of them (the acid beer drinking and electric fuck scene) were rewound at least five times with the latter making me cry I laughed so hard!!!! If a scene makes me cry from laughing, believe me, its got to be awesome!!! The killer is dressed throughout in a creepy fool costume that at times is genuinely scary and the entire panic and revenge mise en scene throughout the film make this a PERFECT movie to gather up the scumbags late at night and is a perfect prototype of everything a bad movie should be.!!!! Eagle Te APPROVES!!!!

-Eagle Te

Our Rating System

Z-man: "It's tough to argue with a review like that. Any way you look at it, SLAUGHTER HIGH is an atomic powered bad ass that simply castrates the competition. It is truly one of the unknown classics of the genre and deserves to be seen by every man, woman, and mutant. RENT IT OR DIE!!! "

Eagle Te: "THIS MOVIE IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I damn near shit my pants a couple of times I laughed so hard!!! The electric fuck scene is without a doubt one ofthe best I have ever seen!! Sell your children if you have to but rent this damn film!!!"