Slumber Party Massacre 3

Year: 1990
Rated: NOT RATED (!)
Run Time: 80 minutes
Production Company: New Horizons Home Video
Director: Sally Mattison
Starring: Brandi Burkett, Hope-Marie Carlton, Keely Christian, and Yan Birch as "The Weirdo"
Monkey Grabs: Grapes

"It's Driller Time... and This Bit's For You!"

This is the third installment in a series which involves drills, thrills, and naked girls. Not the best, but it had qualities which stood out over the others. The plot was the same, girls get together for a slumber party and a drill wielding maniac shows up and kills half of them and their boy friends. But the girls were new and that's what's most important. One girl in particular caught our attention, and was dubbed "Blue Meanie" by El Santo. It's excellent how they introduce her. The girls are throwing a party and all of they're all sitting around in the living room. It pans across the room and shows the girls giggling and listen to music, showing the audience all their different features, with the exception of one girl who's off in the back. Some how it's suggested that one of the girls do a strip tease for the rest of them (your guess is as good as mine). Then out of the back steps a girl that looks like Joey Ramone with hair that would put the members of Poison to shame, and she proceeds to remove her clothes in front of the girls. The "Blue Meanie" is reason enough to watch this film. Not because of her beauty, or savy, but due to her enigmatic qualities. She's a mystery that Robert Stack couldn't even solve. Check her out with someone you love soon.

-Mr. Paul

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "Normally titty in a movie is a great thing, but in this one it left me kind of weary... I felt confused, and violated, I wasn't sure how I could face the world. Examine the misshapen titties of the Blue Meanie if you are man enough!"

Eagle Te: "Blue Meanie's pepperoni titties would make any man bludgeon his own groin just to avoid sexual contact with that beast! Whew!!! "

Z-Man: "This movie definitely had its heart in the right place... or should I say its titty. But that creature BLUE MEANIE didn't have her titty in the right place at all... I think her left nipple was six inches too high up on her chest."

El Santo: "You've never witnessed titty until you've seen the nipple action of Blue Meanie!!! It's not really great in any one part- but we had a blast watching it!"

Lei Tzu Tse says: "Give me some of that titty baby!"