Silent Night, Deadly Night 2
Year: 1987
Rated: R
Run Time: approx. 99 minutes
Production Company: Silent Night Releasing Corp.
Director: Lee Harry (Street Soldiers)
Starring: Eric Freeman, Elizabeth Kaitan, and Jean Miller as Mother Superior
T & A: (unconfirmed) Hell Yes
This Shark: Eats Like A Maniac

"He's Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty... and Bury an Axe in Their Brain!"

Ricky, the little brother of the vicious Santa Claus killer of the original SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT finds himself locked up in the local nuthouse after going on a bloody rampage of his own! While a guest of the state, Ricky undergoes psychological evaluation. During his evaluation, our derranged hero Ricky recounts his own crimes as well as the legacy of the original "Santa Claus Killer" while trying to make sense of what the fuck happened.

Oh how the mighty have fallen... the original SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT literally knocked the Night of the Creeps' review crew on their asses. It was an incredible flick that brightened up all of our Holiday Seasons with lots of sledding-beheadings, axe murders, and yuletide impalings. But Jesus, how the sequel has shat upon a once great idea! The biggest fault of SNDN II (and there are a few) is the fact that more than THIRTY MINUTES of screentime is spent recycling the EXACT SCENES from the first movie with some poor-ass voiceovers! Granted, these are some excellent scenes (and first time viewers should enjoy them), but it's a shame to see them reduced to this for the sequel. However, there are a few genuinely funny scenes in this flick (like the umbrella impaling and the friendly neighborhood shooting-spree)- so all is not COMPLETELY ruined... but I guarantee that you'll be disappointed if you've already seen the original.


Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "The excess footage from the first one is almost made up for with the killing spree in the neighborhood. but the film as a whole is just plain shitty in comparison to the first."

Z-man: "Whoa. This movie was killed by the fact that they recycled so much footage.It's pretty fun if you can't find the original... but those who saw the original: STAY AWAY!"

El Santo: "Fifteen minutes of awesome action... an hour and a half of TOTAL SHIT!!!"

Eagle Te: "The first 30-45 minutes are a recap of the first. Main guy sucks balls, but the neighborhood rampage and umbrella killing are must see material!"

Brother Phil: "It does have a scene where Santa rapes and kills... unfortunately it was the same damn scene as in the first one."

Ookla the Mok: "It's garbage day, and Santa is taking out the trash yet again! Watch out Father- the cops are out to cap the big guy in that suit isn't such a good idea!!!"