Sorority House Massacre
Night Frenzy
Nighty Nightmare

Rated: R
Run Time: 73 (!) minutes
Production Company: A We Fuck Sheep Production
Director: Carol Frank (and she never worked in Hollywood again)
Starring: Angela O'Neal, Wendy Martel,l Katie Ross
T & A:Yes, but it's f(ph)at titty

Jesus: Built my hotrod

"Who'll Survive the Final Exam?!?"

You've seen this movie before. It may have been called Slumber Party Massacre, Final Exam, or The House on Sorority Row, but the movie is the same. Girls in nighties alone in the sorority house ready to party with their boyfriends that will be showing up fashionably late while a killer that has escaped from the mental institution hunts them down. This plot has been used and re-used over and over, but we still come back for more... more blood, more fantastic kills, and, of course, more titty. But before I regale you with tales of the movie's highs and lows, I must give you the obligatory plot summary.

Beth has decided to join the Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me Sorority. She moves in during Memorial weekend, so everybody is heading out to party and she is left alone with three other 'sisters' in the house for the weekend. Since the house mother is away they decide to plan a Teepee Fuck-Fest with their respective boyfriends. The night she moves into the house she starts having nightmares about a killer chasing her around the house with a knife. As the film progresses the nightmares become worse and more realistic. Meanwhile, across town at the friendly neighborhood mental institution (right next to El Santo's house) a psychopathic killer has escaped with a lust for blood... Beth's blood.

After the party begins the killer shows up and kills most everybody. Mostly by knife to the gut, face, or tit. At this point it is revealed that the Killer is really Beth's older brother who killed the rest of her family in, get this, THE EXACT SAME HOUSE!!!

Blood and gore aren't too prevalent in this mediocre slasher. However it does have a good deal of gratuitous nudity. Girls walking out of the shower and the very popular 'Let's Have A Fashion Show With The Rich Girl's Wardrobe'. The teepee kill was a nice touch (knife between bare breasts) and the girl tripping over the dead body as she tried to run away was very reminscent of Esienstien's 'Battleship Potemkin'. Graphical discord in the form of a vertical body being tripped by a horizontal body revealing that the high and mighty are, in the end, on the same level as the lowly and destitute. Very poignant.

My recommendation is to pass on this one and buy some good music or porno. Both have a lot of replay value and broaden horizons. However, if you're just aching to see Sorority Girls die horrible deaths check out the original Slumber Party Massacre instead.

-Mr. Paul

Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "The only real enjoyment we got out of watching this was throwing bottles at Eagle Te and watching him smash them with different appendages."

Z-Man: "I'll admit that watching the forbidden rituals of the Secret Sorority Underwear Dance got my genitals doin' the Neutron Dance... but even that couldn't save the first 45 minutes of this low-rent shithouse bushbeast. Still, if you manage to survive the first half with your pool virginity intact- the last half hour is well worth the wait... if only to see the Teepee Turbo Killfuck."

Eagle Te:"Any movie where every female character takes off her clothes in a drunken fashion show to the rhythmic beat of early eighties pop gets three stars in my book! Be sure to watch out for the weenie shrinker kill in the teepee!"