The Stuff

Year: 1985
Rated: R
Run Time: 93 minutes
Production Company: New World Pictures / New World Video
Director: Larry Cohen
Starring: Michael Moriarty, Andrea Marcovicci, Garrett Morris, Paul Sorvino
T & A: Hell No
Do Not Pass: Go

Are you eating it, or is it eating you?

One can of fruit.....some gummy......oh yea, give me THE STUFF!!!! That's right folks, tired of the classic horror film that just reuses the same ideas over and over?!?!?! Well get ready for CONSERVATIVE NAZI KILLING GENERALS....KUNG-FU FIGHTING CHOCOLATE CHIP BROWN.....REDNECK ZOMBIES.....GODZILLA ON CRACK, AND PLENTY OF YOUNG TEENAGE FLESH!!! This movie delivers more ACTION, TRILLS, AND CHILLS then all the rest, WHY? Take a look at this!!!

and these are only half the surprises that you will get when seeing this Flick, MY ADVICE:


-El Santo

Our Rating System

El Santo: "A SOLID RENT"

Z-Man: " My personal reccomendation is for you to STAY ON YOUR ASS and watch re-runs of 'Charles In Charge'. THE STUFF is one of those damn movies that sounds like a lot more fun that it really is. Beware!"