Year: 1993
Rating: R
Runtime: 85 minutes
Production House: First Look Pictures Releasing / Republic Pictures
Directed: Tony Randel (Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Amityville 1992, Children of the Night, Fist of the North Star)
Starring: Alfonso Ribiero, Ami Dolenz, Peter Scholari
T & A: Hell No
Hot Grits: A Flyin'
Ice: To See You

"Something Hungry Is About to Hatch."

When a group of troubled, inner city teens from Los Angeles go on a peaceful retreat in the North California woods- all seems to be well. With friendly counselors like Holly and Charles leading the group in fireside sing-a-longs and group hugs, what could ever make this weekend of healing go wrong? Well, how about a big ass horde of bloodthirsty, mutant TICKS?!?! Bloated to gigantic proportions by the steroids used by some aspiring California pot growers to boost their crop, these hideous ticks descend from the surrounding forests to feast upon the warm blood of the innocent. And oh what a feast it is! Despite some long-standing arguments and hard feelings between the inner city teens... they all manage to put aside their differences and join one another: IN DEATH!
TICKS is one of those movies which just seems to pop out of nowhere and bites you on the ass. No one on the crew could have possibly forseen how damn funny this thing was! The cast is just supreme in their shittiness... and the effects for the ticks (and their hapless victims) are really fantastic. Effect guru Doug Beswick (of ALIENS and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) lends his FX expertise to the gut churning ticks and the revolting "birthing pods" that they crawl out of- and the results are damn impressive. All in all- TICKS is a diamond in the rough... a fantastic monster flick full of old-school flavor and just enough juicy guts to keep the kids happy. Definitely worth a rental!


Our Rating System

Mr. Paul: "It's just a treat to see Calton Banks get his leg blown off."

Z-man: "I had the (mis)fortune of catching this one again on cable a few weeks ago. You know, it just didn't age as well as some of our other old-school flicks here on NOTC. Still, some pretty funny shit- and an overwhelming "Say Yes To Drugs" message makes it a solid rent.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!"

Eagle Te: "If you thought they were annoying sucking on your left nut- wait 'til they're big enough to cover your back!"

El Santo: "Let's see... atomic steroids get pumped into some baby ticks and they fuck everybody up! El Santo sez: GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!"

If want to learn more about ticks, sticks, or chicks with dicks, please visit your local library!

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