The Video Dead
Year: 1987
Rated: R
Run Time: 90 minutes
Production Company: Interstate 5, Embassy Home Video
Director: Robert Scott
Starring: Rocky Duvall, Sam David McClelland, Vickie Bastel
T & A: Hell No
Be Kind, Please: Die

"Look What's Living Inside Your Television!"

A television set possessed by the forces of evil is "accidentally" delivered to the home of a grizzled old writer. At first the old fart feels fortunate for receiving a free TV (even if it is RCA)... but soon realizes that there is more to the television than meets the eye. The TV will only play the movie "ZOMBIE BLOODY NIGHTMARE" over and over. Normally this would be a decidedly good thing (considering my uncle got a free TV that only played re-runs of "Gimme A Break")... but when the zombies on the screen begin to break out into the real world for a good old fashioned flesh feast- things get shitty pretty quickly.


The Blair family has unknowingly purchased the house that saw the writer murdered by the gang of TV zombies. The two teenage Blair children, Jeff and Zoe move into the house first in order to get acclimated while their parents are away on business. While exploring the house... the two kids discover the haunted TV in the dusty old attic and bring it downstairs for their viewing pleasure. However, the teens unwittingly unleash a slavering zombie horde upon the neighborhood and have to spend the rest of the movie battling the undead with the aid of some bizarre characters: some of which crawl out of their TV set (like the ultra-powered Garbage Man) and others that just don't make any damn sense (like the West Texas Cowboy). Throughout the course of the battle VS. the undead nasties the meddling kids and their assfaced allies employ chainsaws, bows and arrows, and some other unorthodox zombie-killing weapons to smite their foe. So how will it end? Will the ZOMBIE BLOODY NIGHTMARE become a grim reality for the neighborhood? Or can Zoe and Jeff stomp all that undead ass into the ground once and for all?

THE VIDEO DEAD has really cool sounding premise that just seems to leave its audience feeling empty and generally unsatisfied. Maybe it was the fact that in order to destroy the zombies you had to "convince them that they were dead"? Or maybe the fact that the zombies just don't seem very menacing when they're doing dishes or cleaning house. However, I must give Embassy mad props for finding a way to incorporate a Cowboy nailing zombies with arrows into their movie. There really are a few genuinely memorable scenes in this flick (like when the Cowboy dangles the kid above the zombies by a rope in order to serve as live bait... or someone gets stuffed into a washing machine and drowned by a zombie in a wedding dress) but overall, this movie just doesn't seem to work out too damn well. There are at least a dozen other zombie movies out there on the market that put this piece of crap to shame... so if you get the hankering to see some zombies rend flesh, check out any of George Romero's zombie movies (Night of, Dawn of, or Day of the Dead), Return of the Living Dead (Part ONE), Dead Alive, Fulci's "Zombie" or even The Dead Next Door. Trust us, use THE VIDEO DEAD only as a last resort for your bad movie fests... otherwise, you might wind up with that not so fresh feeling.


Our Rating System

Z-man: "An altogether forgettable zombie flick. Sometimes I wish that the zombie fighters had convinced *ME* that I was dead. It sure would have made some scenes a lot less grueling to sit through!"

Brother Phil: "This was an original idea with a few good moments. It sucked overall, but the zombie hunter did use that stupid kid as a human pinata! Plus, something about zombie brides just turns me on."