Film without Pain is like food without taste."

-The Marquis De Sade

Exiled from his native land for ass-fucking the King's wife (who was cunt-lapping the King's mistress at the time), the new Marquis de Sade traveled the world gaining knowledge and looking for places to stick his...views. Finally arriving in the netherworld, de Sade felt alone, defeated, and resigned to dating his right-hand. Fortunately he was rescued at the zero hour by Mr. Paul, Eagle Te, and the mysterious Z-man, and was inducted into the NOTC dominion. Luckily, it was a domain the Marquis had traveled before. Now, with his knowledge of foreign lands and exotic places, the Marquis de Sade has become a wealth of information to the next wave of bad movies the film community has to offer. Since fighting the good fight with the NOTC staff, de Sade has found a new home, a new passion, and a new places to inset his...ideas into an ever-frightening world. It is with great honor that the Marquis joins the crusade.