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Got Some News, Rumors, Or Scoops For Doctor Octagon?

Welcome back to the Kiddie Pool Of Lost Souls, also known as DOCTOR OCTAGON'S RUMOR MILL. What follows is a list of all the news stories and fanciful rumors that our army of pustulent, fleshling Earth slaves churned out during the month of September. Doctor Octo rewards intrepid scavengers who sift through his elephantine piles, so enjoy your journey... there's sure to be some arcane knowledge to be found!


September 30th, 1998

It seems as though those rumors we snagged yesterday were right on the money, kids. GEORGE ROMERO is indeed going to be doing the film adaptation of RESIDENT EVIL in conjunction with Constantin Films and video game maker CAPCOM. Our narcoleptic comrades in the Hate Department over at CINESCAPE have actually managed to grab ROMERO for a brief interview on the Resident Evil project, as well as a word or two about future LIVING DEAD films! Just follow the link below to find out the skinny on this bizarre project!



September 29th, 1998

HOLY SHIT! Here's hoping that this legend is true! Shamelessly torn from the corpulent bowels of AIN'T IT COOL NEWS comes this freakish little nugget of joy: The latest issue of EGM (that's ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY for those of you who can't find the WARP ZONE, or your car keys) apparently broke the news that video game titan CAPCOM, in association with Constantine Films, has signed the "Father of the American Zombie Epic" GEORGE ROMERO to write and direct the film based on the smash hit game RESIDENT EVIL. Romero, whose credits include NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, and DAY OF THE DEAD, recently spoke out on this hotly debated project in the pages of EGM. Here is an excerpt from the magazine itself (available on Newsstands now):

"The video game-to-movie adaptation everyone wants to know more about (apart from Lara Croft's big-screen debut) is Resident Evil: The Movie. Capcom and Constantine Films, the movies production company, have hired George Romero, director of Night of the Living Dead and The Dark Half among others, to write and direct. Production is at a very early stage, and a location, stars and a time frame for the film's release have not been determined yet. We recently spoke with Romero (look for the full interview next issue), who told us that Capcom hopes to have the movie ready for the release of the third game in the series, which at this point has not been announced. As for the movie, Romero says that it will be a true horror film targeted at an older audience, those who are fans of the game. "I'm hoping that it can just be dark and chilling like the game--good zombies, good makeup, good effects. I've had the advantage, doing my zombie films, of not having to have them rated. I think for the U.S. release it's going to take the chance of letting it go unrated," he said. "Our plan is to shoot it balls out, so somewhere in the world there will be a harder version of the thing, and maybe we can put it out on a Director's Cut or release it in certain countries where restrictions aren't as tight."

"The plot will be based on the events of the first Resident Evil game. This is certainly good news for fans, as it looks like this time there will finally be a movie based on a video game that's made for the fans and not for kids."

This shit definitely sounds VERY promising! However, since none of us here at NOTC HQ subscribe to EGM (or at least won't admit to it publicly), we have no way of checking our sources. If any of you pipe-hitting orangutans out there actually own a copy of EGM and can confirm this tantalizing rumor: E-MAIL DOCTOR OCTAGON NOW!

Arnie Rocks Satan's Ass

September 24th, 1998

To hell with all those "PLANET OF THE APES" rumors that have been flying around lately. You might as well take those "SGT. ROCK", "I AM LEGEND", and "CRUSADE" rumors and jam 'em up your auntie's eskimo ass while you're at it... because ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (a.k.a. Conan The Republican) has announced his plan for total box office domination in the form of his latest film "END OF DAYS". The film, written by AIR FORCE ONE scriptwriter Andrew Marlowe and directed by first timer Marcus Nispel will feature Arnie as a grizzled NYPD officer who just happens to be on duty when (get this) SATAN HIMSELF decides to visit New York in search of a bride that will spell disaster for all of mankind. Much demonic ass kicking ensues as Arnie puts an end to all that shit. In addition, Rod Steiger is in negotiations to co-star with Arnold in the picture. Look for END OF DAYS sometime in 1999, quite possibly under the guise of a "Summer Blockbuster".

Legends of "THE SIN-EATER"?

September 24th, 1998

Marquis De Sade proves yet again that he is a helpless Slave To Darkness with his latest tidbit on a troubled sounding flick called "THE SIN EATER". Out of the goodness of my black heart...I let this questionable sounding project slip past our defenses. Horror news is just that slow this time of year. Ugh!

Imagine the Boogy Man with a wife and kids, that seems to be the plot of the new movie based on the Elizabeth Massie horror novel of the same name, it revolves around a demon so hideous, no one can look at him. Yet, he's married with child. (How the HELL did they fuck?) Anyway, the film is rumored to star Antonio Bandares and directed by Brian Helgeland (whose only other directorial credit is Payback (when is this movie coming out???) but whose writing credits include 976-EVIL and Highway to Hell) I am not too anxious about this one, but hey, it's news.

Stephen King's "THE GREEN MILE"
To Get Mega $$$ Movie

September 24th, 1998

Back from an extended sabbatical on the ninth Plane of Hell, the festering chest wound of a journalist that well call the MARQUIS De SADE has dredged up a small tidbit on Stephen King's latest movie adaptation. This time, it seems his wildly popular serial thriller "THE GREEN MILE" is going to get some major star power behind it. Here's what the Marquis had to say:

Yes, yet another Stephen King book (or this time serial) makes it's way to the silver screen. Directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption), this film boasts an all star cast with Tom Hanks, David Morse, James Cromwell, and Harry Dean Stanton. An actor on the set maintains his own web page about the upcoming film at But since the page is more like Hero worship then actual reporting, I would skip it. (I mean, who walks up to Tom Hanks after seeing Saving Private Ryan and bows before the man? Really!) Though details are sketchy, expect an April 1999 release date.


September 21st, 1998

Don't forget about what may well prove to be the neo-shitfest of the remaining century, kids! URBAN LEGEND, the first college slasher to feature a KILLER ESKIMO as the fucking villain is preparing to assault your local theater this Friday (September 25th)! From everything we've heard thus far, this flick falls into the "so awful its awesome" category. Here's hoping that this one doesn't show up on our Shit List! Keep your eyes posted to our site later this week for developments concerning URBAN L:EGEND. We might be able to bring you a full length review for it as early as Friday morning (if we manage to get into the sneak screening Thursday). If not, expect a full review on Saturday the 26th!

But until that fateful day... you can visit Sony Pictures official URBAN LEGEND Propoganda Page to slake your dark thirst for Eskimo-drawn blood...


September 21st, 1998

Prepare to assault the gates of your local BEST BUY, BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO, MEDIA PLAY, or PIGGLY WIGGLY kids, because tomorrow marks the day when the horror preservationist overlords at ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT release their suped humpty hump version of the classic horror icon THE EVIL DEAD. Digitally remastered, audio enhanced, and letterboxed to suit the decayed tastes of any horror fan- the EVIL DEAD re-release is something we've been looking forward to for quite a while. Also don't forget to look for the special commemorative editon of the tape, which contains a "Necronomicon" cover as well as a 30+ page "Book of the Dead" addition with original artwork and liner notes from the cast and crew! Listen to me, children of filth, Anchor Bay is a true class act in the horror business. Anybody who has ever seen their remastered versions of such heavy classics as "LUCIO FULCI's ZOMBIE" knows exactly what I'm talking about. Seriously, RUSH to pick this fucker up! It is well worth the $9.99.

Rumors Fly Concerning "THE NINTH GATE"

September 21st, 1998

After nearly a week of drought in the horror biz, Doctor Octo has uncovered a small tidbit about a bizarre Roman Polanski project titled "THE NINTH GATE". This excursion into horror focuses on the efforts of a rare books expert (played by Johnny Depp of all people) who gets involved in a "supernatural conspiracy" while on the trail of two forbidden tomes of demonic origin. However, strange events have been plaguing the project while it has been shooting on location in Spain. Strange illnesses have plagued the cast and crew- setting back the inevitable release of the film. The situation has apparently become so grave that the film's financial backer and distributor, Artisan Entertainment, has sent studio heavy (and producer) Wolfgang Glattes to the set in an effort to keep things moving forward despite these unforseen problems. The film was originally slated for an early 1999 release, but with these setbacks- the release date of THE NINTH GATE is anybody's guess. The film also stars Lena Olin, Frank Langella, and Emmanuelle Seigner. We'll keep you posted on any further developments... as if you gave a hairy pirate shit!

NOTC Spy Speaks Out On

September 14th, 1998

From the bowels of Hell itself comes the infernal rantings of our latest ally in our neverending quest for Bad Movie Supremacy: SATAN HIMSELF! Strategically located in Germany, The Sin-Stained Father of Everything Evil apparently has the skinny on Wes Craven's latest journey into horror: a Craven produced project that will ressurrect the old-world classic (?) "CARNIVAL OF SOULS". Here's some news from the front. All Hail Our Half Inflated Dark Lord!

"I just read the little bit about Carnival of Souls and wanted to tell you that the film has been shown on various festivals here in Europe. I haven't seen it myself, so I can't comment on its quality. The only information I have is from the Fantasy Film Fest newsletter":

"Even the biggest fans of Harvey's micro-budgeted spookfest will be intrigued by this remake that captures the strong surrealism of the original. Bobbie Phillips takes the audience on the same emotional rollercoaster ride that Candace Hilligoss did in the original film, and Sidney Berger, veteran of the 1962 version, appears in a cameo. Grossman: 'It was so important for this film to develop it's own personality while keeping the psychological effects of the original film.'"


O.K. so it's not much... but concrete information about this mysterious re-make is pretty damn difficult to come by- so you limey bastards will take what you get, AND LIKE IT, DAMMIT!

Is "COLD HEARTS" The Latest In
The All-Out Vampire Invasion?

September 11th, 1998

The dreaded MARQUIS De SADE stabs at us once again from Hell's black heart... this time, about the upcoming VAMPIRE LESBO SEX FEST known as "COLD HEARTS". For all of you sick bastards out there who always wanted to see the PINK RANGER girl naked, here's your chance.... I guess. The MARQUIS writes:

Though the vampire plot seems to be flooding the screens this year, this one boasts something that will quick kick everyone's libido into overdrive. Amy Jo Johnson of Power Rangers fame, and Marisa Ryan of Major Dad play the leads as vampire sluts in the new film, COLD HEARTS. So all you horny little powerboys can stop jacking to the nude Amy Jo images and watch her as a moral vampire who won't suck blood, so her friend must feed her. All I can think of is watching these two ex-TV hotties sucking each other for survival. It's like an undead Wild Things without that pansy Matt Dillon. It takes place in a small New Jersey tourist town where they figure no one will notice missing persons. Now, introduce a mystery vampire, a frat boy, and the fact that FX master Tom Savini is not only the make-up effects supervisor but that this film is the first out of Tommy's production company! Come Friday, May 13th, 1999...I'll be first in line

Truckload of Release Dates Hijacked!

September 11th, 1998

This week four members of the NOTC's elite commando unit, "The Cookie Puss Slammers", managed to intercept an armored vehicle on its way to THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE which contained the release dates for an assload of upcoming horror films. The IMDB protecto-slaves put up a valiant effort in the resulting firefight, but they were no match for our wily corn fed Puss Slammers. The results of this daring daylight heist can now be viewed by you, our intrepid NOTC viewers! Just remember that a lot of these dates are tentative: so don't come bitching to us if some of them get pushed back or even (gulp!) CANNED. Such is the fickle nature of the Horror Gods. ENJOY!


  • September 25th, 1998 - URBAN LEGEND

  • October 2nd, 1998 - DEE SNIDER'S STRANGELAND (limited release)

  • October 13th, 1998 - PHANTASM: OBLIVION (limited release)

  • October 16th, 1998 - BRIDE OF CHUCKY

  • October 30th, 1998 - JOHN CARPENTER'S VAMPIRES

  • October 30th, 1998- MICHAEL ALMEREYDA'S THE MUMMY

  • November 20th, 1998 - I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER

  • December 4th, 1998- PSYCHO

  • December 11th, 1998- TEXAS BLOOD MONEY (The Sequel to FROM DUSK TIL DAWN)


    September 10th, 1998

    As you all know our patron saints to Sailor Venus, Mr. Paul & MARQUIS De SADE just returned from DRAGON CON with loads of info on upcoming horror flicks. Well Mr. Paul rounded up tons of information about Dee Snider's STRANGELAND. He wrote a short novel complete with pictures on what Dee Snider himself had to say about his new film. To check out his diatribe click HERE!

    From TOM SAVINI?

    September 9th, 1998

    There is no rest for the wicked, and our pal De SADE definitely proves this with his THIRD news report in as many minutes. This time around, he explains a little of what he heard at DRAGON CON about the mysterious "Fourth Dead Film" in the classic Romero "DEAD" Saga. I had previously reported on this turkey a couple of months back when word that it was to be called "CHILDREN OF THE DEAD" surfaced in some of the darker corners of the net. Any info about this project gleamed by cyber-trash like ourselves is pure grist for the rumor mill... but TOM SAVINI has heard some of the same rumors! Here's the Dilly-Yo:

    "Could it be true? Could legendary filmmaker George Romero actually be working on another Night of the Living Dead sequel? Rumor has it the zombiemeister is currently working on the financial details to do yet another story about the dead rising from the graves for a late night snack. A 2001 release date rumor, but since everything in this project is rumor, don't take anything too seriously...though Zombie guts guru Tom Savini heard the same rumors, could they be ready to approach him? "

    Wes Craven's "CARNIVAL OF SOULS"?

    September 9th, 1998

    I heard about this muffled project a few months ago... and could have sworn that the film has already been screend across parts of Europe this summer. However, anything that Herr Craven puts his mind to is worth honorable mention in our humble Rumor Mill. No sit back and bask in the infernal wretching of the MARQUIS De SADE:

    "The release date has been pushed back, and there is very little known about this film, but we know Wes Craven has spearheaded the project to remake the 1962 classic about a Hot Rod race gone wrong, a woman who surfaces after the car accident, much later then humanly possible only to find she lost her soul. And what do you do when you lose your soul (No, not become a sports agent) you go to a carnival filled with like-minded, soulless people! The film stars Sidney Bergen(of the original) and Cleavant Derricks (Sliders) If any one knows this films fate, or if it has already been released (The Marquis heard that rumor too) let us know! "

    "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" Anniversary Edition Announced

    September 9th, 1998

    From the charred ruins of DRAGON CON in Atlanta, a new member of the dysfunctional Creep family emerges. We all welcome the wily sadist MARQUIS De SADE to the NOTC RUMOR MILL BATALLION. The Marquis joins DOCTOR OCTAGON in the neverending struggle to school your sorry ass in the subtle arts of horror cinema. Looks like this time around, the Marquis has exumed one of Hollywood's jucier corpses for his foul experiments: the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Here's what he had to say about it:

    "Apparently, following the tradition of such re-releases as Star Wars, Godfather, and Grease...NotLD is coming out with an Anniversary Edition. But, NOOO, they got to do it better and the production house is setting up a studio to go back to and film new scenes for the re-release. John A. Russo (co-writer of the original) is directing and writting the new scenes, while Bill Hinzman reprises his role as Cemetary Zombie but gets a Director of Photography gig here as well. Karl Harman returns as producer and may even jump in front of the camera again as well. And rumors have it that the filmmakers are going to grat lengths to ensure the zombies and film quality is not updated, but matches the 1968 version. And though the new scenes are not being released, the main rumor is that of an 'Origin to Cemetary Man' scene. Stay posted."

    NOTC Spies Sneak Into DRAGON CON

    September 3rd, 1998

    We are pleased to announce that two of our NOTC associates plan on slipping by security at the neo-nerd Shit Fest here in Atlanta known as DRAGON CON this weekend. In addition to submitting a NOTC Sanctioned FIlm into the big FILM CONTEST up there (its called "THE SCREENING" if any of you fat fucks out there plan to attend), our Comrades-In-Arms plan on dredging up some strange reports rising out of the horror industry. Apparently, in addition to the endless parade of Hercules/Xena memorabilia and Klingon-made Dilithium Ass Jammers, some of the titans of the Horror World will be in attendance. The legendary JOHN CARPENTER will be at the convention, as will "DAWN OF THE DEAD" FX God TOM SAVINI. Twisted Sister frontman DEE SNIDER will be screening a special sneak preview of his upcoming horror flick STRANGELAND at the con. KEVIN SMITH (creator of CLERKS, MALLRATS, CHASING AMY, and DOGMA) will also be there with his gang of ruffians... and although they have nothing to do with horror movies: they all stomp on enemy ass with an iron shod boot. GO BERSERKER! BERSERKER! In any case- look for a deluge of news stories to come flooding out of DRAGON CON in the coming week. There should be plenty of stories to tell... especially if MR. PAUL has his way with SAILOR MOON's ass!

    Keep Your Hands Of My Ass, Bitch!

    BLADE Continues to Whip Ass At The Box Office

    September 3rd, 1998

    BLADE was able to keep its NUMBER ONE spot this week at the Box Office with an impressive take of over 11 MILLION dollars. This jacks BLADE's overall gross to somewhere in the $35-$37 million dollar range. That's pretty damn impressive for a film that most critics wrote off a long time ago. Also, with a drop in box office take of only 35% or so, the film has wowed many detractors with its ability to continue to put asses in seats across the country. Here's hoping that this strong performance can only help those mysterious rumors of BLADE sequels running around town become reality! So, will BLADE be able to fend off Jean Claude Van Damme and his latest chop socky flick "KNOCK OFF" at the box office this weekend? Only time will tell.



    Although we take measures to ensure the stories we post here on NotC are as accurate as possible, it is important that you understand the movie business (the horror film business, in particular) is unpredictable as hell- and what may apparently be set in stone one day may completely fall through the next. So don't blame us if you tell all your friends something you read on the NotC Rumor Mill and they laugh at you because it isn't exactly true. Night of the Creeps or its Staff Memebers can not be held accountable for your ass if it gets kicked as a result of Doctor Octagon's Rumor Mill Page. In addition, aforementioned Staff Members can not be held accountable for the Olympic Park Bombing, leaving the toilet seat up, or leaving the cake out in the rain. Night of the Creeps is, in no way, associated with the Artist Formerly Known as Prince or Rodan. We are, however, associated with Mecha-King Ghidorah and we reserve the exclusive right to open up a can of mecha-whoop ass on you if you don't get on the phone right now and call your mama. Power to the Nation and the Booty Space Station. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.