"For too long apekind has lived alongside man burdened by the shackles of slavery and mistreatment. For countless years, humankind has laughed at us in zoos and at circuses. Well, brothers and sisters, I have had enough of this shit. It is time that we rise as one nation of primates to reap bloody vengeance upon our oppressors!"

Z-MAN 3:16

Hail the Glorious Leader of the Revolution!

Chock-full of hearty whole wheat goodness, Z Man is poised to usher in a new Era of Peace and Prosperity for all apekind. However, in order to accomplish this, much ass must be kicked. In fact, the whole entire human race must be subjugated and enslaved... and what better way to do so than to submit them to the mind-numbing insanity of countless BAD HORROR MOVIES? Locked away in this vault of terrors known simply as "Night of the Creeps" for untold centuries, the absolute worst films on Earth have finally been unleashed upon an unwitting human population! No longer will the intolerable crimes against apedom go unpunished. Today marks the start of the glorious Revolution! Suffer now, human filth- for you truly are in Hell!

Onward To Victory, My Ape Bitches!

Feel the Love!